CPU Successfully Held the Opening Ceremony of the Sixth International Culture Week

Publisher:张晨Published:2023-11-27Times :10

To build a cultural exchange platform of harmony and mutual understanding, highlight the international characteristics and multicultural atmosphere of the university, and welcome the 87th anniversary of the university, the 6th International Culture Week of China Pharmaceutical University was held on November 12in front of the Second Cafeteria of Jiangning Campus, with the participation of students from over 30 countries and regions This event was hosted by the School of International Education and co-organized by the Department of Student Affairs and the Youth League Committee of the university.

At the opening ceremony, Xu Ming, dean of the School of International Education, said that the university is constantly expanding its international circle of friends, actively building an international exchange and cooperation platform, encouraging Chinese and foreign youth to communicate with each other, and striving to create a multicultural and inclusive campus humanistic environment. International Culture Week is not only a bridge of friendship between the world but also a feast of colorful culture. We hope that Chinese and foreign teachers and students will learn from each other, communicate with each other, and show the colorful campus cultural life of the school and the youthful vitality.

At the opening ceremony, the cultural performances and cultural huts of different countriesbrought a cross-border multi-cultural feast. In the cultural performance, students from different countries and regions presented programs of singing, dancing,and recitation with strong national characteristics. The unique combination of Chinese and Western programs,dynamic dances, and wonderful performances drew applause and wrote a beautiful chapter about the harmonious coexistence of multiple civilizations. In the performances, a special "Best Wishes to CPU" lucky drawwas also held.

At the same time, the "Meet the World" Cultural Hut Tour was opened. Students from nearly 30 different countries and regions set up a national-style exhibition area, displaying the unique culture, traditional food, clothing, and traditional handicrafts. Students enthusiastically introduced their own country's folklore anecdotes and cultural characteristics. The atmosphere was warm and cheerful. In addition, there were Chinese folk culture huts and ethnic minority huts on display. The cultural hut created a platform to interact and exchange ideas so that their understanding of each other's different cultures became deeper and their friendship was sublimated.

Since 2016, the International Culture Week of China Pharmaceutical University has been held for six consecutive years, with constantly enriched content, becoming a cultural business card to show the university's internationalization achievements, and providing a platform for exchanges and mutual understanding of different cultures from all over the world.