Notice on the Academic Proficiency Test for CPU 2023 Bachelor Students

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Dear 2023 Bachelor Students,


The CSC will organize an academic proficiency test for 2023 bachelor students of China’s Double First-Class Universities. The detail information is as follows:



This test is intended for new undergraduate international students who commence

d their major studies at our university in September 2023. Students who have just completed the CSC Scholarship Preparatory Education Program are exempt from this test.



CPU students will attend 4 different subjects, including Business Chinese, Scientific & Technical Chinese, Mathematics and Chemistry. For detail information please see the attachment 1.






8:30-11:20 AM

中文/Business Chinese/Scientific & Technical Chinese

2:00-3:30 PM



9:00-10:30 AM



见附件1/Please see attachment 1.


This exam is a computer-based exam and the guidance please see attachment 2.

六、考试纪律/Exam Rules


1. Students are required to sit in front of the pointed computer during the exam. Mobile phones, wireless headphones, miniature wireless receivers, cameras, electronic pens, pinhole receiving devices, smartwatches, or any electronic devices are not allowed to be taken into the exam room. The student’s exam will be immediately terminated if any such equipment is found by the invigilators. And the score of this subject will be recorded as zero. Except for the listening exam, students are not allowed to wear headphones.


2. Taking screenshots, photos, videos, or audio recordings are prohibited during the exam. The exam system will automatically monitor and record the actions of students. In case of any violation, the student's score of this subject will be recorded as zero.


3. Students are not allowed to start or move the computer or other equipment without permission.


4. Any problem, such as computer crash, blue screen, power failure or failure in submitting the answers, please raise your hands and report it to the invigilator.


  • 交头接耳或通过手势、身体语言传递暗号;

  • 不得抄袭其他考生的答案,或让其他考生抄袭自己的答案;

  • 以任何理由干扰考场秩序,影响其他考生答题;

  • 监考人员认定的其他有损考试公平的行为。


5. Students must maintain silence and adhere to the exam rules during the exam. They are required to follow the instructions of the invigilators. Students with one of the following behaviors shall be taken as violation, with the record of failing the exam.

  • Discussing or gesticulating or given signal to others

  • Copying other student’s answers or allowing others to copy their answers;

  • Disrupting the exam with any reason, which might affect other students;

  • Other behaviors or situations identified by the invigilator as detrimental to the fairness and justice of the exam.

If need any stationery, students should raise their hands to ask for the invigilators’ assistance. Borrowing stationery from other students are not allowed during the exam.


6. Students are not allowed to use the washroom during the exam. Please get prepared in advance.


7. Scratch paper will be provided by the International Office. Students are not allowed to bring any paper into the exam room.


8. Students are not allowed to use calculators during the mathematics, physics, and chemistry exams.


9. Students are allowed to submit the answers 60 minutes before the exam ends. Do not leave the exam room without the invigilator’s permission. Do not shut down the computer when leaving the exam room. The answers will be uploaded and submitted to the system automatically by the cut-off time.   


10. Students shall be given penalty if violate the exam rules or cheat in the exam, according to the school’s principles.


 11. This exam will not affect the undergraduate students' performance or scholarship evaluations. Students are not allowed to be absent without a valid reason.


附件2-Attachment 2 考试指南 guidance.pdf

School of International Education

Nov.7, 2023