Notice on Checking Out and Refund for Final-year International Students in 2023

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According to the relevant policies of the university, the School of International Education now is starting the work of checking out and refund for students who have not returned to school due to the epidemic in 2023. The specific methods are formulated as follows:


I. Subjects of Checking-out:


International students who anticipate to graduate/complete courses in June.2023, inside and outside China, with registered on-campus dormitories. Students who continue degree program at CPU for the 2023-2024 academic year are not required to check out from their current residence.


II. Subjects of Refund: 


Non-CSC 2023 graduating overseas students who did not return to CPU due to the pandemic.


III. Procedures and requirements for check-out

1. 境内留学生须在620日前与王老师登记离境机票日期或国内其他接受单位报到日期,用电脑端填写企业微信办事大厅-留学生住宿异动申请并提交,并在2023715日前清空宿舍物品,由宿管书面确认。不得滞留。

1. Final-year students in China shall report to Miss.Wang at before June 20 the date of departure (airplane) or the registration date of the next work or study institution in China, and fill the online form of Application for Change of Residence in wecom. The room shall be vacated before July 15, 2023 with written confirmation by the building security, so that to complete the checking out formalities. Students shall not extend their stay on-campus.

2. 境外留学生须在2023620日前填写退宿授权书或放弃个人物品声明(二选一),用电脑端填写企业微信办事大厅-留学生住宿异动申请并提交,630日前委托校内同学办理退宿并清空所有个人物品,由宿管签字确认。这是退费的必要条件。

2. Students outside China shall fill in either: the Authorization Letter for checking out, or the Letter of Giving up Personal Belongings, sign, and may bind Wecom with CPU identity and fill the online form of Application for Change of Residence before June 20, 2023. Vacate the rooms before June 30, 2023, with written confirmation by the building security. This step is a necessity for refund


IV. Items of Refund:


Any overpayment of accommodation fee and undeducted pre-admission deposit as confirmed by CPU Financial Office. The detailed amount is decided by official receipt, either the history record of Online Payment Platform or E-receipt (fapiao) issued by CPU Financial Office. 

Students who are eligible for getting refund should bind Wecom with CPU identity and fill in the online refund form before June 20, 2023.


VI: Lateness


If checking out formality is not completed July 15, 2023, accommodation fee will be billed by month since July 15, 2023, according to the Regulations on Payment of International Students [2018]5. Finally, despite of the balance, all personal belongings remaining the room after July 30, 2023 will be removed by the logistics.


VII. Guidances:

企业微信绑定指南Binding Wecom:

退费网表填写指南Filling the Online Refund Form:

表格下载 Downloadable Forms


Financial Office and School of International Education


June 7, 2023