Notice on Teaching Arrangements for International Students

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According to the latest notice of CPUepidemic prevention & control (No. 19), the details about teaching & study arrangement from December 13, 2022 to January 6, 2023 are announced as follows:   


1. The courses scheduled on Dec. 13-14 are rescheduled on Dec. 17-18. CPU will conduct online teaching from Dec. 15 to the end of this semester.

2. 采用纸质闭卷、开卷或必须使用学校机房等现场集中考核的课程,全部推迟到下学期开学初,考试日程安排 根据教务处及研究生院安排另行通知。境外留学生的线上考试同步推迟。

2. The final exams of this semester (both off-line and online exams) are postponed to next semester. The exam schedule will be notified later, according to the latest updates of JWC and the Graduate School.

3. 采用论文、综述、书面报告、口头汇报等考查形式考核的课程,由相关任课老师自行安排时间组织考查。需线下现场集中汇报的课程改为线上汇报。

3. For courses assessed by papers, reviews, written reports, oral reports, etc. the course assessment shall be arranged by the teacher. Oral reports shall be arranged online.

4. 根据疫情变化,如有变动另行通知。

4. Further notices will be released in accordance with the epidemic situation.



School of International Education

December 13, 2022