Notice of Creative Mask Design Competition for Chinese and International students

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In the context of COVID-19, masks have become indispensable daily necessities for people. In this era when everyone pays attention to personality, masks have also appeared in people's lives. They can not only play a protective role, but also become a medium to express and display to the outside world. In order to help students maintain an optimistic attitude to face the epidemic, improve their self-prevention awareness, guide students to take the initiative and scientific prevention and control, but also to enrich campus life, to provide students with a stage to show themselves. It is hereby decided to launch a competition for creative mask design for Chinese and foreign students. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. The organizer

School of International Education, China Pharmaceutical University.

II. The theme of the competition

"I am in charge of my mask"

III. Participants of the competition

All current students at China Pharmaceutical University are welcome to sign up for the competition.

IV. The content of the work

Students are invited to design creative masks with the characteristics of their own country or region. The main content of the design is the local culture, landmark buildings or scenic spots, traditional folk customs, and show the creative mask with the characteristics of your hometown.

V. Organizational form and specific process

1. Submission time and method

Submission time: from now on- 21st November

Submission method: Digital form is required. participants are required to put the work (JPG. document and source file) in the same folder compressed and send it to the designated mailbox: in the format of "Chinese name + School + Student number" before 12:00 pm on November 25.

Introduction Time:20:00 PM, November 25 (Beijing time)

To: Tecent Meeting:

2. Requirements for works

2.1 The entries must be completed by yourself independently and must be original.

2.2 Submit the electronic version of your work, the photo of the work is in JPG format. In addition to submit the JPG file [image size no more than 10M, the format is 1920*2000 pixels], you should also submit the source file of this work, such as the work produced by Photoshop, you need to submit the file in PSD format at the same time. Put the application form and the work (JPG and the source file) in the same folder compressed and name it as "Chinese name + School + student number".

2.3 The entries should be in line with the theme of the competition, with positive content and innovative significance.

3. Judging method

All entries will be selected for several awards such as "The Most Popular Award" and "The Most Creative Award" through online voting. After the voting finishes, the winners will be announced on the home page of the School of International Education of China Pharmaceutical University and the official account of WeChat.

4. Award

"The Most Popular Award" 1 person, 300-yuan bonus + certificate

"Ingenuity Award" 1 person, 300-yuan bonus + certificate

"Excellence in painting Award" 1 person, 300-yuan bonus + certificate

The above winning works will be mass-printed and made into finished masks, which will be distributed to the participating students and teachers of all departments of the school as a souvenir of the event and a special gift of the School of International Education.

VI. Points for attention

1. This competition is limited to the electronic version only.

2. The entries must be original, and any fraudulent behavior is strictly prohibited. Once found, the entries will be directly disqualified from the evaluation or award.

3. The entries for this event must be submitted in JPG format.

4. If there are special circumstances, please contact the relevant person in charge to explain the situation clearly before submitting the work.

5. The final interpretation of this event belongs to the School of International Education.

. Specific time arrangement:

Time for registration and submission: from now to November 25,

Time for online voting: November 25-November 29

Time for announcement: November 30

VIII. Contact information

School of International Education: Ms Yang, Ms Jin, 025-86185426

Contribution mailbox:

School of International Education

November 22, 2022