Notice on the Management of off-campus international students in Nanjing

Publisher:张晨Published:2022-10-12Times :346



This is to inform all international students in Nanjing about the educational management policy:


According to the relevant regulations of the university, all off-campus students living in Nanjing MUST attend offline courses, laboratory courses and other practical training courses as required (adjusted in real time according to the epidemic prevention and control policy).


If you are unable to attend class on time, please inform the responsible professor and your class mentor in advance, otherwise you will be treated as absenteeism.


During the normalized epidemic control period, there is no need to apply for entry & exit access. Only through daily update "CPU Health code" can you enter the campus by scanning your face. Once entering, you are required to finish Nucleic acid testing at the library before 15:30pm.


School of International Education

12th October, 2022