Notice on National Day Holiday 2022

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All International Students:

2022 National Day Holiday schedule of China Pharmaceutical University is as following:




No classes from October 1 to 3, a total of 3 days.


Classes and work will hold as usual from 4 to 7 October.


Normal weekend on October 8 (Saturday) and 9 (Sunday).


The two unused days off will be counted into the winter holiday.

二、假期相关要求Requirements during the holiday



All students are NOT allowed to leave Nanjing unless necessary. Students who need to leave Nanjing under special circumstances, should submit an "Application for Leaving School/asking for Leave" online in advance, and leave school on the required date after approval. Please avoid middle or high-risk areas. You have to apply for returning to campus with a valid negative NAT result within 24 hours which conducted in Nanjing.

Students on-campus may exit & enter the university gate by scanning face without access application during the holiday.


Students on-campus are required to sign at residence hall's security every 6-10pm and will not be allowed to exit the hall after signing. It is strictly forbidden to stay outside overnight without approval. If on-campus students need to stay off-campus in Nanjing during the holiday for special reasons, please submit “Leaving Campus Application” online.

The School will check the entrance and exit records every day. Anyone staying outside overnight without approval will be denied access to entry and disciplinary actions will be given (will influence scholarship review).

3. 校内外保持社交距离,避免到人群聚集尤其是空气流动性差的场所,室内活动请佩戴口罩。

Students on- and off-campus should maintain social distancing, avoid crowds, especially places with poor ventilation. Wear masks for indoor activities.


Pay close attention to your own health status and update “CPU Health Code” in Wecom every day.


Students on-campus shall continue to abide by the housing regulations. Do not use fire or forbidden utilities, or disturb the neighborhood (e.g. shouting, heavy drinking, playing loud music, holding group activity in the building, etc).


Wish you a healthy and happy National Day Holiday!  


School of International Education

28th September 2022