Newsletter May 2, 2022: Disciplinary Action Taken Against Student Travel outside Nanjing

Publisher:张晨Published:2022-05-02Times :10

International Students,

On April 30, CPU’s epidemic prevention and control office found out that an international student travelled to Beijing, which is a middle risk area recently and returned to Campus without permission. With clear understanding of the university’s relevant prevention and control regulations, the student has affected the university’s epidemic prevention work and hindered public safety of the campus. Disciplinary punishment was given immediately.

We greatly appreciate most of you for being supportive to the travel reduce policy and the social distancing actions. We wish all students continuously abide by the university regulations and stay together to safeguard CPU community. We would like to remind that China’s epidemic prevention is law-based and all citizens and foreigners bear legal liability for active concealment, contamination or any behavior that breaks the order.

Once again, please feel free to contact the school or your class mentor if you have any special needs or suggestions during the epidemic control, we are ready to help anytime.


School of International Education

May 2, 2022