Pharmacy Scholars Program (PSP)

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The Pharmacy Scholars Program is initiated to provide international young pharmacy scholars with the updated advances in pharmaceutical researches and education in China and the world, enhance their understanding of Chinese Culture and CPU, and depend the collaborations between CPU and its partners across the world.

Time and duration

The program will last for one week and the timing block can be finalized as per the agreement between two universities.

ourse offering

  1. Advances in Pharmacology

  2. Chinese Materia Medica

  3. Advances in Pharmaceutics

  4. rug Administration in China

  5. Pharmacognosy

  6. Chinese culture

  7. Pharmacy education in China

  8. Training at Pharmaceutical Museum/GMP

  9. Traiing Botanical Garden

  10. Visit to Pharmaceutical/Hospital

Fee Discription

  1. Training fee: 2000 RMB/person

  2. University hostel (single room): 60 RMB /day/person

Online application

Aplication needs to be submitted online at

Contact information

Section of International Students

China Pharmaceutical University

Contact: Mr. QIU Mingming, Mr. ZHANG Hongyuan


Tel: 0086-25-8618-5423

Click to download the PDF version PSP — Pharmacy Scholar Program(药学学者项目).pdf