Winter Fire Safety Reminder

Publisher:张晨Published:2021-11-19Times :10



Fire accidents are prevalent in winter as the misuse and remiss of the dormitory electricity and fire highly increase. To effectively protect the life and property safety of all students, hereby the School reemphasizes the following rules:


All heaters other than air conditioner and all forms of fire are prohibited in bedrooms and public areas of the dormitory building.


When leaving the room, please turn off the air conditioner, lights, and power supply.


Wiring board and charger must be kept away from bed or any flammable to avoid ignition.


Unlicensed and low-quality cookers and appliances are forbidden in public kitchens.


Storing or use of electric heating appliances and high-power appliances are forbidden in dorms.


Recharging and storing any form of E-bike/E-scooter/Segway is forbidden inside the dormitory building.


If the switch, wire, socket and other electrical facilities are damaged or aging, please report for repair as soon as possible.


According to the deployment from the university, the School of International Education will further strengthen the safety inspection and enforcement of the dormitory rules from today. Upon detection, disciplinary action shall be taken to the user and owner of such utilities, according to the seriousness of the act. The work will be carried out mainly by the doorkeepers, with the assistance of international student assistants. All international students have to improve fire safety awareness, strictly abide by dormitory management regulations and are obliged to cooperate with the dorm check. Fire accidents caused by misuse of electrical appliances or using fire in places marking fire hazard, the user shall assume all legal responsibilities.


School of International Education