Notice: Call for Videos for the 85th Anniversary of CPU

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November 16, 2021 is the 85th founding anniversary of China Pharmaceutical University. We are now invite all our international alumni to record a video and send your best wishes to CPU to celebrate its 85th birthday.


Your video will possibly be edited and produced into a short film clip by the School of International Education, which will be displayed on the School’s website and Wechat official account, and will also be used in the alumni events. All alumni who submit the video will receive an digital commemorative certificate on the day of the anniversary.


The specific requirements for video-shooting are as follows:



1. The example of the content (in Chinese and English are both accepted)

I am xxx (your name) from xxx (your current location). I graduated from the School of xx (the name of your School) of China Pharmaceutical University in xxxx (the year when you graduated). ......(The words that you want to say to CPU). Happy birthday to CPU!


1. 时长长度不超过2分钟内容需突出特色或重点

2. 拍摄地点建议选择



3. 拍摄方式: 横屏拍摄画面比例为16:9可使用手机录制可多人共同录制

4. 注意事项拍摄场景请避免在逆光或侧光条件下拍摄以免光线过强手机拍摄请使用后置摄像头拍摄人物的讲话声音需要保证足够清晰尽量减少杂音干扰请保证所录制的视频内容完整方便后期剪辑

2. The format of the video

a. Length: The length of your video should be within 2 minutes with highlights.

b. Recommended shooting locations:

     your working place (with the name/symbol/working scene of your organization) 

     local landmarks of your current city

c. Other specific requirements:

The video you are going to submit should be a horizontal video and the aspect ratio of it should be 16:9. The videos recorded by a camera or a mobile phone are both accepted, but please ensure the image quality. You can record the video individually, while the video recorded in a group is also encouraged if you can find other alumni.

d. Matters that need attention:

Please use the rear camera if you use a mobile phone to record the video, and try to avoid shooting under excessive backlight or sidelight. The voice of the person in the video should be clear enough without too much noise in the background. Please ensure the quality and completeness of your video, and try to be edit-friendly.




3. How to submit your video

Please send your video and the transcripts (no need to add subtitles to video, just send it as Docs.) to with “xxx (you name) + Happy 85th Birthday to CPU” as the subject of your e-mail.

Deadline: October 24, 2021


Please feel free to reach out to Ms.Wang ( if you have any other questions.


Sincerely we hope that we can break through the barriers of the time and space, and gather together again online to celebrate the 85th birthday of China Pharmaceutical University and send our best wishes. Looking forward to your active participation!