The On-site Registration of 2021 New International Students Has been Smoothly Carried out

Publisher:张晨Published:2021-10-04Times :10

On September 23rd, the on-site registration of the 2021 fall intake international students started in an orderly manner in Jiangning campus. 128 new students from 39 countries have been enrolled this year. However, due to the epidemic prevention and control policies, only 14 students took part in the on-site registration, and the other students had completed the online registration.

Zhu Zhilong, vice dean of the School of International Education,

is guiding the orientation work

This year’s on-site orientation work is only open for the new international students who are already in China and meet the requirements of entering campus, because most international students are still unable to come to China this year due to the global epidemic conditions. Before on-site registration day, the School of International Education had conducted strict review of the students’ entering-school application materials, including Su Kang Code, Travel History Code, 14-consecutive-day CPU Health Code updating records, and the negative result of the nucleic acid test within 48 hours before entering campus. Finally, a total of 14 new students met all the requirements and got permitted to take part in the on-site registration on 23rd, Sep. in Jiangning campus. Although only a few students attended the on-site registration, the School of International Education had made thoughtful and considerate arrangements in advance to provide “one-stop” registration service for the new international students.

"One-stop" on-site registration service for new students

Both Chinese and English briefing boards of CPU and the School were placed at the registration office, so that the new international students could have a direct and comprehensive understanding of their new school. At the same time, the School had made a series of preparations to welcome new students, such as banners, posters, photo frames, entrance commemorative gift packages, etc., which created a good atmosphere for the new start of the study career, and left precious and wonderful memories of the first day at CPU for new international students.

the First Day at CPU

Therewere lots of international student volunteers active in the orientation work. From the school gate, the volunteers wereincompany with the new international students to complete their registration procedures including the nucleic acid test, check-in and on-site registration, and they would provide the new students with one-to-one guidance and assistance if needed.

International student volunteers help set up the welcoming decorations, accompany and guide new international students to complete the registration procedures

In order to help new international students better adapt to the new learning and living environment, theSchool of International Education will hold a new students welcome meeting as well as the education conference for international students soon, at which the School will furtherinterprettherelevantstudents management regulations for new students. If the epidemic prevention and control conditions permit, the School will organize the new students to visit the campus of CPU, such as the library, canteens, sportsfield and other learning and living facilities. Therefore, the new students can become familiar with the campus and start their new studycareers at CPU as soon as possible.

The wind is good to sail, and the time is right to strive for a better future. Hope all new international students can have a brand new start and write a more wonderful chapter in their life here at CPU!