Notice on 2024 International Students Graduation Arrangements

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Dear graduating students:


Congratulations on graduation! The relevant arrangements for the graduation are hereby notified as follows:

一、毕业典礼Graduation Ceremony


Time: 8:00 am, June 18th


Location: Stadium, Jiangning campus


Dressing code: academic gowns (slippers and black hijab are not allowed).


For students living in Jiangning campus, please gather at the entrance of the stadium before 7:30 am, June 18th. For students living in XWM campus, school will organize a bus from XWM campus to Jiangning campus. The gathering time and place will be announced later. Please be PUNCTUAL.

二、学位授予仪式Degree Awarding Ceremony


Time: 10:00 am, June 18th


Location: 1st floor Auditorium, Conference Center (besides the Administration Building), Jiangning campus.


Dressing code: academic gowns(slippers and black hijab are not allowed).


For all the graduating students, please follow the teacher’s instruction and be at the auditorium according to the informed time in advance. Students who are late or absent will not be allowed to join the degree awarding ceremony.

、毕业生签证 Visa Issue

1、正常毕业学生 Students who can graduate on time


For students who have no further study plan in China, no immigration support will be provided from school for you after graduation. Please arrange your own itinerary, pay attention to flight information, and return to your country safely.


Students who have been admitted to Chinese universities, after completing payment of registration, deposit fee and confirming the admission qualification, the school will issue the visa letter for you to apply for a stay visa until September 10, 2024 accordingly. Please upload the admission letter to the Application form for Semester Registration online before 5 pm, July 4. Please be aware that only after finishing the leaving form can the visa letter be issued. For further visa issues, please refoer to Ms Jin, H2-633.

2、延期毕业学生 Students who can’t graduate on time

(1) 延期毕业生如需参加2024-2025年秋季学期在校补修选修课或实验课,在延期申请(企业微信-学籍异动)审核通过并完成住宿和保险费用缴纳后校外住宿学生需提供完整版租房合同,租房合同有效期不得早于延期毕业申请批复日期),国际教育学院给予居留许可至核定日期(原则上不超过180天,具体日期根据延期申请批复的日期核定)。

Students of delayed graduation who need to take the optional courses or attend the lab courses during the fall semester of the 2024-2025 academic year shall submit documents for approval, and finish payment of accommodation and insurance student who shall stay out of campu must submit the aprtment rental contract and the contract shall be valid until the graduation extension approval date) so as to get Residence Permit to a certain date based on the written approval of academic departments (no more than 180 days in principle).


For students with delayed graduation who only need to retake theory courses, no immigration support will be provided and you are not required to attend the courses or lab offline.

、住宿事宜 Accommodation Issue



All students graduating or completing study must complete the on-campus dormitory check-out formalities before July 15, 2024. Students who will continue studying in CPU can apply to keep their belongings in the H1 glass hall. For any doubts or questions please consult your counselor.



Any overpayment of accommodation fee and undeducated pre-admission deposit as confirmed by CPU Financial Office. The detailed amount is decided by official receipt, either the history record of Online Payment Platform or E-receipt (fapiao) issued by Chinese bank.

Students who are eligible for getting refund should bind Wecom with CPU identity and fill in the online refund form before June 20, 2024.


Happy graduationWish you the best in the future!


School of International Education


June 13, 2024