Must-knows about passport and visa

Publisher:刘琪Published:2017-07-05Times :1430

1. In China, the Visa Center of the Police is equivalent to the Immigration Bureau in some other countries. 

2. A student visa (X1) expires in 30 days upon arrival in China although you see a 000 on the visa page. 

3. China doesn't acknowledge multiple nationalities.   

4. Visa expiration is considered violation of the Immigration Law and will lead to fines (RMB 500 a day, 10000 Yuan maximum) and penalties (5-10 days detention and repatriation). If you have ever violated the Immigration Law, you will not be able to attain the Letter of No Criminal Record.

5. Any foreigner shall report residence online or at the nearest police station within 24 hours of arrival and report any change of address 10 days within moving.  

6. Keep your passport valid at all times. Any alteration or damage of the passport makes it invalid. Apply for passport renewal with your own country or embassy 2 months before expiry.   

7. When passport is missing, foreigner shall report the nearest police to avoid identity fraud and contact own embassy for new passport.   

8. Foreign students shall maintain full-time study and shall not seek employment without a Z (work) visa and work permit.  (See here for how to work legallly in China)

9. Residence Permit is equal to a multi-entry visa, with which foreigner may travel multiple times in- and outside China.  

10. Stay visa is a humanitarian 0-entry visa and only allows foreigner to leave China without entering again.