How to apply for Jiangsu Health Code (苏康码)

Publisher:刘琪Published:2020-07-27Times :460

During the COVID-19 prevention and control period, HealthCode is a must for everyone. Here are some instructions on how to apply for your own HealthCode.

Step 1

Open your Alipay App and click All

(If you don't have an Alipay account, you should register one. See the guidance

Step 2 

Click HealthCode


Step 1

Open your Alipay App

Step 2

Type in 健康码(HealthCode) and select 苏康码-南京市(Nanjing HealthCode)

Step 3

If you've already had an Alipay account, your name and passport number will be automatically filled in.

Step 4

You should answer following questions according to your actual conditions.

Step 5

Then, you will get your HealthCode