Notice: Apply for 2022-2023 Nanjing Government Scholarship for Foreign Students​

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 (For Senior Students - exclude CSC Students)


Nanjing Government Scholarship aims to further promote the internationalization of Nanjing education, enhance the international influence of Nanjing, attract and encourage more foreign students to study in Nanjing. China Pharmaceutical University is authorized as one of the host universities to accept international students under this scholarship. Nanjing Government Scholarship for Foreign Students application for 2022-2023 academic year just started and the detailed notice is as follows:

一、奖学金标准及名额 Amount


Categories of applicants




10000   RMB

One   year

Master and PhD

20000   RMB

One   year

二、奖学金申请条件 Qualifications

1. 正常在校注册学习的外国本科生、研究生,并且上一学年度未申请过休学、保留学籍或延长学制;

2. 遵守中国政府的法律、法规和校规、校纪;

3. 学习态度端正,勤奋刻苦,上一学年度学习成绩优秀,原则上无不及格或缺考记录

4. 在最近一年内有以下条件之一者:

(1) 在中国或国际核心、权威刊物上以第一作者或第二作者发表论文;

(2) 在国内外重大学术会议上宣读论文或作主要发言;

(3) 积极组织、参加校级以上各类艺术、体育及文化交流活动,成绩显著,获得高等级奖项;

(4) 积极参加学校、院系组织开展的各类活动及社会实践活动;

(5) 为留学生服务及管理做出突出贡献。

5. 因违反中国法律法规或违反校纪校规受到纪律处分者不能参加奖学金的评选;

6. 第一年学历生和汉补生不能参加此次奖学金的评选;

7. 已获得中国政府奖学金全奖资助的学生及已获得本年度江苏省优秀奖学金的学生不能参加奖学金评选。

(1) International undergraduates and postgraduates, second-year or above, enrolled in China Pharmaceutical University, and have not applied for school suspension, extension or retention in the previous school year;

(2) Students shall abide by the laws, regulations and rules of the Chinese government and CPU

(3) Students with positive learning attitudework hard, excel in academic in the previous year without fail or absent exam in principle;

(4) Fulfills one of the following conditions in the last year:

A. Published an article as the first or second author in Chinese or international core journal;

B. Made major presentations at major academic conferences at home and abroad;

C. Actively organized and participated in any kind of art, sports and cultural exchange activities above university level, with remarkable achievements and high grade awards;

D. Actively participated in various activities and social practice activities organized by schools and faculties;

E. Made outstanding contributions to the service and management of international students.

(5) Students who violated Chinese laws, regulations or received school disciplinary punishment can not apply.

(6) This application is not applicable to all first-year degree candidates and Chinese language students.

(7) Nanjing Government Scholarship is exclusive with CSC Scholarship and Jiangsu Government Outstanding Students Scholarship.

三、申请方法与材料要求 Application Method and Documents





Applicants shall enter "奖学金申请模块" through the information Portal,fill in the Application for Merit-based Scholarships/Awards of International Students ,China Pharmaceutical University onlineand upload following docs

1Transcripts of the previous school year;

2Published articles and scientific research (if applicable. first page only);

3Documents of last year’s achievements in academics, sports, art, cultural exchanges, public welfare activities, etc.

在线申请奖学金指南请点击Please click on the online scholarship application guide



17:00 PM Sep.13, 2022

五、奖学金评审及公示 Scholarship Review

1. 国际教育学院负责申请材料的初审工作,将初审合格者名单提交至本科生班主任及研究生导师进行第二轮审核。

2. 国际教育学院组织专家评审后确定最终获奖学生名单。

3. 国际教育学院将最终获奖学生名单在网站进行公示。公示结束后上报南京市教育局。

1The School of International Education is responsible for the first review of the application materials, and the list of qualified applicants will be submitted to the undergraduate class mentors and graduate supervisors for the second review.

2The School of International Education will submit the recommendation list of undergraduate class mentors and graduate supervisors to the Scholarship Selection Committee for final selection and determine the final list of nominees.

3The School of International Education will publish the final nominees list on its official website and when the publicity period is over, the list as well as materials will be sent to Nanjing Education Department.

六、联系人 Contacts

傅老师 Ms. Fu, 电话Tel025-86185426


School of International Education

September 9, 2022