2018 CPU Sports Meeting: Athletes

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2018 CPU Sports Meeting-----Athletes

After the ceremony, it comes to various competitions. All the students are active this year, and about 50 students who come from different countries enter for different competitions, including the long jump, 100m race,200m race, relay race and so on. 

Let us look their heroic posture in the competition terrain.


       Individual Games

From his gazed eyes, we can see that he has been ready.

Being prepared in the beginning, he gazes ahead, determined to get the champion.

Striding ahead strongly, that is our elegant demeanor.

In the long jump, he acts coherently, and challenge himself continually. Jumping up, crossing the markline, and successfully landing, he deserves a perfect score. 

And every time he achieves self-transcendence.


Group Games

This is our first time to take part in the group games, but we are not afraid and we believe ourselves. We can do it!

Relay Race

The athletes have been prepared.

What they hand over is not only the relay baton, but also the hope. 

International team. Come on! 

Fight for our honor!


Ankle-binding race

nkle-binding race is a new game for us, but we are united enough, tacit enough, not afraid of challenges!

Do you think we are born to be strong? 

You just don’t see how hard we worked at the beginning!


      Closing Ceremony

Time flies. Now the sports meeting comes to the end. We are tired, it's all worth it.

Our school leaders issued the awards for the winning school/departments at the closing ceremony.

Let us recount the awards in this activity.

International Students Team won the First Prize in 8*50m Relay Race 

International Students Team won the Second Prize in Men's 4*100m Relay Race

International Students Team won the Sixth Prize in Women's 4*100m Relay Race

KERKAR AHMED won the Second Prize in Men's 1500m Race

KERKAR AHMED won the Second Prize in Men's 3000m Race

BOAFO GEORGE FRIMPONG won the Third Prize in Men's Long Jump

PAJI TASILA CECILIA won the Fourth Prize in Women's 100m Race

UMEORAH ONYEDIKA ERNEST won the Sixth Prize in Men's 100m Race

UMEORAH ONYEDIKA ERNEST won the Eighth Prize in Men's 200m Race

Due to the above wonderful performance,

School of International Education won the Best Organization Award and the total score for male's games ranks the Fifth

We will never forget the competitive spirit of forging ahead, daring to fight, and striving for the first, we will bear the feeling of unity, cooperation and mutual trust in mind.

After the sports meeting, we will continue to inherit the Olympic spirit and adhere to physical exercise.

Besides, we will get involved in our study life with a more full-spirited state of mind.

The game is over, we will see you next year.


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