2018 Sports Meeting Opening Ceremony-Parade

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2018 China Parmaceutical University Sports Meeting——Parade

he sports meeting kicked off at 8:00am,October 26th. 

Do you wonder about the splendid performance of  international students?

Let’s go ahead.


队列 | Queue

♫. ♪~♬..♩



On behalf of over 400 students who come from around 70 countries, including France, Poland, Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, Laos, Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia, more than 100 international students getting involved in the parade. 


The model ‘CPU’ is spliced with their national flags.

The colorful flags represent the happy reunion of international students. 

and the flourish of international education in our school.

They participate in the competition as one team for the 6th time this year.

Look! The students wearing national dresses

wave their national flags.

They walk firmly and forcefully,

and their formation change is also wonderful.

The warm applause has approved that.


舞蹈| Dance

♫. ♪~♬..♩

Watch the dance of the foreign girls.

The distinctive music and dance steps

show us exoticism.

Her confident eyes and attractive leap make us

burst into cheers.

We have different skin colors, hair colors 

and eyes colors,

but the confidence and temperament can diffuse without borders. 

Among the handsome guys and beauties, 

who is your favorite?

However, we should know that their excellent performance of the square team and the dance cannot be achieved in an action. 

From the early October, it’s easy to see that they practice hard on the playground. 

please give our sweet kisses to the students who are still training in the cold wind after school.

Then give our best admiration

to the hard-working ISU and SICA menbers and the lovely teachers from School of International Education 

practicing with them.

The opening ceremony is over, 

then there will be a tense competition. 

Let's look forward to the wonderful performance of the international students.

-The end-

School of International Education

 China Pharmaceutical University

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