Sign up for the 2018 Guobang Scholarship

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See for general rules of implementation.


The deadline for this application is: 5PM Oct.25, 2018.

3、所有一年级新生、汉语进修生和短期生不适宜申请。The application is not applicable for all first-year students, non-degree oriented students and short-term visiting scholars.

4、国邦奖学金和中国政府优秀奖学金为择优奖学金,在一学年内只能获得两者其一。跟其他奖学金(南京、茉莉花、CSC全奖、校长奖)均不冲突。Guobang Scholarship and CSC Outstanding Scholarship are Merit-based Scholarships and are exclusive of each other (you may win only ONE of the two within one academic year), but are non-exclusive with other scholarships (Nanjing, Jasmine, CSC Full, Presidential).

5、申请表请在下载。The application form is downloadable at

6、申请表和所有附件请将纸质版交给G11-103刘老师。任何其他形式提交如Email或扫描件视为无效。Print out the form and all supplement materials in hard copies to Ms.Liu at G11-103. Other forms including Email and scan copies are regarded as invalid application. 

联系人:刘老师Ms.Liu 电话Tel86185426


School of International Education, China Pharmaceutical University