2018 Graduation Procedures for Master and Ph.D Students from Graduate School

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1.Thesis Defense Application(deadline:May 18)

Required Documents for Thesis Defense Application

1. Thesis

2. Degree Application Form (2 copies)

Master: http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/11/f0/c6332a70128/page.htm

Ph.D.: http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/11/df/c6332a70111/page.htm

3. Form for Ph.D. onlyhttp://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/11/e1/c6332a70113/page.htm

4. Publications (SCI printed web version must with supervisor’s signature)

5. Acceptance Letter & the sample for publications (if not been published yet)

6. Patent for invention

7. Transcript

8. Thesis Proposal and Qualification Form (开题报告,中期考核)

Deadline: 5pm, May 18th, 2018

2.Thesis Review

Thesis Review Form (论文评阅书)

Master: http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/11/ec/c6332a70124/page.htm

Ph.D: http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/11/ec/c6332a70124/page.htm

3.Thesis Defense

4.Submission of the required documents (Dealine:12pm, June 6, Office 717:Administration Building)

1. Material list(材料明细表)

Master: http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/1d/b8/c6314a73144/page.htm (attachment2)please put the material list as the front page.

Ph.D: http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/1d/b8/c6314a73144/page.htm (attachment1) file cover is required for Ph.D students, and please attach the material list to the file cover.

Please arrange all the materials in accordance with the order in the material list.

2. Degree Application Form (学位申请表), the degree application form shall be signed by supervisor.

3. Thesis Review Form/Anonymous Review Form (论文评阅书/盲审评阅书)

Master: http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/11/ec/c6332a70124/page.htm

Ph.D: http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/11/ec/c6332a70124/page.htm

4. Thesis Defense Vote(答辩表决票offered by graduate school)

5. Transcript

6. Thesis Proposal and Qualification Form (开题报告,中期考核)

7. Publications(copies of the publication; OR Acceptance Letter & the sample for publications with supervisor’s signature(if not been published yet);OR Patent for invention )

8. Experimental notebook for the thesis(论文实验记录本copies are acceptable. If unable to submit, please download and fill in the form http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/11/e6/c6332a70118/page.htm)

9. Thesis(2 copies for Ph.D student, 1copy for master student)

10. Image record of the thesis defense (中国药科大学研究生答辩现场影像资料记录表)http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/12/01/c6332a70145/page.htm

Please attach one thesis defense poster and three photos of the thesis defense scene to the form and attach the form to the next page of “acknowledgment”.

11. Form for Ph.D. Only http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/11/e1/c6332a70113/page.htm (18 copies required), 18 copies of the Chinese abstract shall be submitted together(font size: 12(小四), limited to 800 characters)

12. One copy of the thesis shall be submitted to the 2nd Periodicals reading room, 5th floor of the library, Jiangning campus. Please upload your whole thesis and abstract in  the library website system.

Notes: all the documents shall be printed on both sides.

Deadline:12pm, June 6, 2018

Location: office717,administration building


This is a translation of original Chinese version of the Notice:  http://yjsy.cpu.edu.cn/68/e8/c6314a92392/page.htm

The Chinese version prevails in case of misunderstanding.