Rules for the Implementation of Guobang Scholarship for International Students at China Pharmaceutical University

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第一章 总 则

第一条 为推进中国药学教育的国际化进程,为世界各国培养更多优秀的药学人才,服务人类医药事业的发展,经双方协商,浙江国邦药业有限公司决定在中国药科大学设立外国留学生“国邦奖学金”。


Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 In order to promote the internationalization of Chinese pharmacy education, we will cultivate more excellent pharmaceutical talents for the world and serve the development of the cause of human medicine. After consultation with each other, Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has decided to set up Guobang International Student Scholarship (hereafter “Guobang Scholarship”) at China Pharmaceutical University.

Article 2 The examination work of Guobang Scholarship is conducted in accordance with the principle of openness, fairness and justice.

第二章 奖学金类别

第三条 中国药科大学外国留学生“国邦奖学金”种类和奖励对象分为两类: 优秀外国留学生奖学金和外国留学生杰出单项奖学金。

第四条 中国药科大学外国留学生“国邦奖学金”—— 优秀外国留学生奖学金旨在奖励在我校勤奋学习、刻苦钻研、 成绩优秀的本科生、硕士研究生和博士研究生留学生。

第五条 中国药科大学外国留学生“国邦奖学金”—— 外国留学生杰出单项奖学金旨在奖励在学生服务、文化交流、 公益活动、体育、 艺术等方面取得突出成绩的在校外国留学生。

Chapter II Categories of Guobang Scholarship

Article 3 Guobang Scholarship is divided into two categories: A. Outstanding International Student Award and B. Special Contribution Award

Article 4 Category A is designed to reward undergraduates, master’s and doctoral students who are diligent in our school, study hard, and perform well.

Article 5 Category B is designed to reward foreign students who have outstanding achievements in student services, cultural exchange, public welfare, sports and arts activities.

第三章 奖学金奖励金额及名额

第六条 中国药科大学外国留学生“国邦奖学金”—— 优秀外国留学生奖学每年奖励名额为本科生 12 名, 每人 5000元人民币;研究生5名,每人10000元人民币。

第七条 中国药科大学外国留学生“国邦奖学金”—— 外国留学生杰出单项奖学金每年奖励名额8名,每人 5000 元人 民币。

Chapter 3 Amount and Quota

Article 6 Each academic year, Category A. Outstanding International Student Award is available to 12 undergraduates, RMB 5,000 per person; and 5 postgraduate students, RMB 10,000 per person.

Article 7 Each academic year, Category B. Special Contribution Award is available to 8 persons, 5,000 yuan each.

第四章 奖学金申请条件及申请办法

第八条 中国药科大学外国留学生“国邦奖学金”—— 优秀外国留学生奖学金申请条件:





第九条 中国药科大学外国留学生“国邦奖学金”—— 外国留学生杰出单项奖学金申请条件:









第十条 违反中国法律、 法规或校纪、 校规者不能参加奖学金的评选。


每年10 25 日前,符合条件的申请人向国际教育学院提交以下申请材料:





Chapter IV Review Standards and Application Process

Article 8 Who may apply for Category A. General Award:

(1) International undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students, second-year or above, enrolled in China Pharmaceutical University, and have not applied for school suspension, extension or retention in the previous school year;

(2) Students shall abide by the laws, regulations and rules of the Chinese government,

(3) Students with positive learning attitude, work hard, excel in the previous year academic achievement;

(4) Students actively participate in various public welfare activities and social practice activities organized by schools and departments;

Article 9 Who may apply for Category B. Individual Award:

(1) Registered international undergraduates, master’s, doctoral students, senior or general visiting scholars, Chinese language learners, research scholars;

(2) Students abide by the laws, regulations and rules of the Chinese government,

(3) Fulfills one of the following conditions in the last year:

A. Published an article as the first or second author in Chinese or international core journal;

B. Made major presentations at major academic conferences at home and abroad;

C. Actively organized and participated in any kind of art, sports and cultural exchange activities above university level, with remarkable achievements and high grade awards;

D. Actively participated in various activities and social practice activities organized by schools and faculties;

E. Made outstanding contributions to the service and management of international students.

Article 10 Students who violated Chinese laws, regulations or school disciplines shall not participate in the scholarship selection.

Article 11 Application Process:

Before Oct. 25th each year, eligible applicants submit the following application materials to the School of International Education:

(1) Application Form, downloadable from website

(2) Transcripts of the previous school year, published articles and scientific research (first page only);

(3) Letter(s) of recommendation from core course instructor or research supervisor;

(4) To apply for Category B. Individual Award, applicants also need to provide documents of last year’s achievements in academics, sports, art, cultural exchanges, public welfare activities, etc.

第五章 奖学金评审与确定

第十二条 奖学金评审由中国药科大学外国留学生“国邦奖学金”评审委员会负责。

第十三条 国际处审核申请人提交的材料,在规定时间内将符合条件的申请者材料报学校外国留学生奖学金评审委员会。

第十四条 外国留学生奖学金评审委员会审议申请者材料, 必要时可要求申请者进行答辩,最终确定获得奖学金学生名单。

第十五条 奖学金评定结果将于每年 12月中旬在国际处网站公示。一周后向获得奖学金的学生发放《奖学金获得告知书》 。

Chapter 5 Scholarship Review and Determination

Article 12 All applications materials are reviewed by China Pharmaceutical University Guobang Scholarship Review Committee.

Article 13 The Office of International Exchange & Cooperation shall examine whether the application is complete and forward all completed applications to the review committee before its required time limit.

Article 14 The review committee shall examine the applicant's materials and, if necessary, require applicants to defend themselves and finalize the list of scholarships.

Article 15 The results of the scholarship assessment will be published on the website in mid-December each year. Winners shall receive the Notification of Scholarship one week later.

第六章 其他

第十六条 本规定自印发之日起实施,由国际教育学院负责解释。

Chapter 6 Other Provisions

Article 16 These Provisions shall be implemented from the date of issuance and shall be interpreted by the School of International Education.



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School of International Education

Date of issuance: Oct.16, 2019