List of Student Services

Type of Services

Staff in charge

Duration or Deadline

Required Materials


Enrollment Certificate

Ms. Zhou

5 workdays



Course and Supervisor selection (graduate only)

Once per school year

Download Forms from Graduate School website

Modification of student status

14 workdays

Application for Students Status Change at CPU.pdf (Downloadable Forms)

Transcript for English-taught Programs

7 workdays


Application for Long Leave or Absence or Off-campus Internship

5 workdays

Application for off-campus Internship and long-leave (Downloadable Forms)

Transcript for Chinese Language Class

Ms. Yu

3 workdays



(*Transcripts for Chinese-taught programs: issued by Undergraduate Teaching Affairs Office or Graduate School)

Letter for Visa Extension

Ms. Zhang

7 workdays

Original passport


No objection letter for dependent (S1 visa)

5 workdays

Passport of dependent, Marriage/Birth Certificate, Chinese translation, authorization letter from Chinese Embassy

Certificate of No Criminal Record

5 workdays

Photocopy of: all passport numbers ever used, all entry and exit stamps

Insurance: Make a claim for Emergency and Hospitalization before treatment

Ms. Liu

Monday to Friday,

Daytime only

CSC number, passport, hospital and doctor’s contacts


Insurance: Make a claim after treatment

5 workdays

Claim Forms (Downloadable)

Medical Receipt more than RMB 650 Yuan

Bank transaction notes (from counter instead of ATM)  

Application for moving to another campus/moving off-campus

Based on room availability

Application Form for Checking Out from On-campus dormitory.docx (Downloadable Forms)

Leasing Contract,

Temporary Residence Form (police station)

Application for switching to a different room on the same campus

Change of Address Application (on-campus dormitory).doc

(Downloadable Forms)

Signature for monthly stipend or one-time subsidy

Generally 9-15 of every month. Exceptions due to vacation (the first week after vacation and last week before vacation)

Latest Huaxia Bank Card Number

In person

Payment Notification or Confirmation

Before the end of each semester

*Workdays do not include weekends, national holidays and vacations.