2023 International Student Freshman Training Camp Successfully Held

Publisher:张晨Published:2023-09-17Times :113

To help international freshman students quickly understand, familiarize themselves with, and integrate into campus life, the School of International Education organized a series of activities for the 2023 students Freshman Training Camp from September 5th to 10th, focusing on topics such as law & safety, school environment and history, academic ethics, general knowledge in pharmacy, and ice-breaking event.

On September 5th, at the freshman meeting, Mr. Zhu Zhilong, the vice dean of the School of International Education warmly welcomed the 2023 international students, encouraging them to abide by the laws and regulations, stay true to their initial goals, actively learn about Chinese culture, make friends, and become ambassadors for international exchange and guardians of global health during and after their study. Following that, Ms. Jin and Mr. Shao provided detailed introductions on school management regulations and the operation of the academic system respectively.

The next day, a psychological salon and ice-breaking activities were held on the first floor of the Jiangning gymnasium. Ms. Gu Jing from the Psychological Counseling Center led the international students in team games. In a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, students shed their inhibitions and nervousness, strengthening their friendships. To help all freshmen gain a better understanding of general pharmacy knowledge and enhance their interest in learning, the college invited President Assistant Prof. Wu Ruibin to lecture on fundamental pharmacy theories and the latest research directions. The lecture was informative and easy to understand, sparking strong interest among all international students, creating an active atmosphere.

On the 9th, the college invited Officer Mr. Zhu Jun from the Nanjing Immigration Administrative Office and Mr LI Teng from the Campus Security Office to provide legal safety education for the new students. By using  real-life cases, they raised awareness on safety among the freshmen, ensuring their safety in their future study and life.

During the closing ceremony of the freshman training camp, representatives from different majors and levels of study shared their vivid experiences, observations, and thoughts since joining the university.

2023 Freshman Training Camp was developed from previous freshmen meeting to a week-long series events, aims to help international freshman students have more time to familiar with the campus environment, adhere to the university's rules and regulations, relieve tension, and lay a solid foundation for their upcoming academic life.