Notice: Defense Meeting for 2019 Guobang/Jiangsu Outstanding Scholarships

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After reviewing their academic and comprehensive performance, the following nominees are recommended for the defense meeting on 1:30PM, Friday Nov.29, 2019 at G11 north meeting room.



Each nominee please prepare a 3-minute speech with PPT slides no larger than 5M and sent as attachment to before 10AM, Friday Nov.29. Do not include too many photos. If you don't see the read-receipt, please bring the PPT slides with removable disk to the meeting yourself by 1:20PM. 

每人请准备3分钟演讲,并制作PPT幻灯片,体积不大于5M(不要放太多照片),周五上午10点前发到 如发不成功请提前十分钟入场用U盘拷进电脑。


As the two scholarships are exclusive and will be reviewed at the same time, postgraduate and undergraduate candidates will be ranked respectively, and the final type of award might differ from those on the application form.



The judges are the supervisors of postgraduates and English-taught programs and School of International Education staff.



Students who are not selected for the defense, do not be discouraged and please continue your efforts.



Note: The following nominee list only suggests the order of defense meeting instead of the ranking.



Outstanding Master’s and PhDs candidates, Nominees: 12, Quota: 5 for Guobang, 1-3 for Jiangsu. Time period: 1:40-2:16PM


学号  中文名

1873090237 那次木

1778011159 苏班卡

1778011157 阿斯姆

1778091170 君艾得

1778011162 芮娜

1778091173 拉哈特

1778081168 厄内斯特

1778011154 菲瑞

1772041148 许氏旺

1772011142 布雅克史

1772041146 帕发菲

1878031272 古姆哈


Outstanding Bachelor’s candidates, Nominees: 24, Quota: 12 for Guobang, 3-9 for Jiangsu, Time period: 2:16-3:28PM

本科,候选人数24, 国邦名额12,江苏名额39。时间段2:16-3:28


2020182792 阮琼如

16430113     罗婷朵

16430106     罗丝

16430101     詹妮弗

16430108     法哈米

2620170045 尼凯斯

2620170008 艾达

2620170054 贝特丽克斯

2620170043 黎氏怀清

2620170071 沃歌

2620170081 卡提布

2620170084 肯达

2620170016 梅罗迪

2620170030 伊曼诺

2620170012 扎娅

2020182887 潘波

2020182886 陈贝贝

2020182835 凡妮

2020182817 丽娜

2020182805 文迪池

2020182818 陈靖蕙

2020182803 阿玛里

2020182813 莎萝丝

2020182795 昌塞瑞


Special Contribution, Nominees: 10, Quota: 8, Time period: 3:28-3:58PM


学号   中文名

1772091151 玛拉多

1878091276 娜丝丽

1878011267 费姆庞

2020182883 冯源

2620170088 以赛玛利



2620170015 柯仑丝

1878031271 优麦



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