Notice on movement to H1

Publisher:张晨Published:2019-08-30Times :126


To all students who moved or is going to move to H1,

各位同学Dear all

根据之前的搬家通知今天30日)搬家将完成。但统计数据显示还有部分同学未搬家,或已完成搬家但未归还钥匙。现就相关事宜通知如下:The movement to H1 is to end todayAugust 30as per the previous notices and most students have finished the movement. The data from the property managers shows that some students failed to move or return the keys to the doorkeeper. So we hereby notify those who are concerned:

1. 如已返校,请尽快搬H1并从原先房间退宿,并于91日前将钥匙归还到物业处,清空个人物品。If you have returned to campus, please move, remove all personal belongings, and return the key/card to previous building doorkeeper before September 1.

2. 没返校的尽快返校,事先已请长假的,请授权他人搬运个人物品,将委托书在两处物业备案。If you haven’t returned or already applied for long-leave in advance, please authorize others to make the movement. Authorization letters with both student’s names and ID are required by the doorkeeper from both building.

3. 如已搬H1但在规定时间内未能归还G11A7A8XWM钥匙的,请于91日前交还钥匙,以便物业清扫所有房间,回收物资,G11安排新生入住,A7A8学校收回使用。For students who moved to H1 but haven’t checked out from old dorm, please empty your room and return the keys before September 1 so that all rooms are cleaned and prepared: G11 will host 2019 new students and A7A8 will be utilized soon by the university

4. 逾期未交还钥匙可能会:Overdue return of keys would probably leads to

    a.造成个人物品丢失。 Loss to your  personal belongingsif there are still some in the old dorm

    b.会影响临住登记并可能导致处罚。According to Nanjing Police Exit& Entries, one foreigner can only have one address on campus. More than one address will influence Temporary Residence and leads to penalties

    c.占用两个房间,会产生额外的住宿费。Occupation of two rooms will generate extra accommodation fee (though paying to occupy two rooms is not allowed)

Thank for your understanding and cooperation and hope all students can follow the notices and finish the movement ASAP.


School of International Education