Notification about H1

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Dear students,

After students moved in, we have collected some feedbacks about the H1 new dormitory and here are the replies to your concerns:

1. About WIFI or broadband: the H1 broadband outlets are China Telecom and mobile andare Not CPU campus net. So students need to contact the telephone service shop, and ask them to fix it with new broadband line. Do not change the mobile number because it is related with attendance. Consult them about whether previous service/accounts can be moved.

2. About kitchen/laundry

Logistics office replies within this week these two will be furnished.

3. Refrigerators

Do not put any refrigerator, your own or state-owned, in the G11 or A7A8 corridor. The property will recycle any unclaimed belonging in the public area after this week.

All old refrigerators from A7/A8 will be recycled. School will not provide fridge due to not structurally fitted by new room.

So students all need to buy their own fridge,if you need.

 Those who already have fridge need to wait for few days until Logistics Office fix the line port/plug for fridge, (Note:Please don't try to use it by extension cable because it has caused serious accident before, because the electric taking capacity for fridge is not the same like others device and generate too much heat, especially when put near flammables.

4. Furniture:

All the furniture is fixed,especially for the cabinet at the balcony.Please don't trying to open it, because the closed one is for the other room, which is designed to serve multilaterally for both rooms.

5. Bicycle parking:

First,all types of ebikesare not allowed inside campus.

All types of bicycles would be allowed to keep inside. The parking area(s) are designated by the logistics for all students in H1, H2 and H3 alike, please check it out withthe doorkeeper.

6. Facial recognition

New building facial recognition will not be used by the student right now, due to upcoming new students and late senior students.

After all students finish movement andsettle down, students detailed information will be updated in thesystem and facial recognition will be put into use.

For now, all returning students need to use their own card to enter the gate and bedrooms. Do not try to hack the doorlock.

7. Electricity

All logistics info including free electricity about G11 will be remaining the same (on school website).

Please keep your rooms and public areas clean and create a cozy environment for all.


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