Notice: Moving to H1

Publisher:刘琪Published:2019-08-22Times :757

Dear International Students,


The new dormitory building H1 is ready. The School hereby notifies that:

  1. Time of moving: Aug. 23-30, 2019

    Please return G11/A7A8/XWM room keys/cards to your doorkeeper immediately after moving. Failure to return the key will result in: 1. Compensation 2.Denial of access to H1.

  2. Students who cannot move by themselves must authorize another CPU student to complete everything before Aug.30, by writing an authorization letter with both students’ Campus Card ID and passport number.

  3. Student must show Campus Card to the doorkeeper before receiving the H1 room key, and accept the School’s arrangement (see attachment).

  4. Reminder: Class will begin Aug. 26. Please make use of your time wisely.

  5. Public kitchen and laundry will be finished soon. If you have need for cooking/washing, you may go back to previous building.

  6. After the moving, the School will transfer Temporary Residence data to Nanjing police and students do not have to do the WeChat registration themselves.

  7. Currently, School will not deal with room-change applications.

  8. Please take care of your personal belongings, the national-owned properties in H1, and be safe.


School of International Education