Notification of Online Payment Academic Year 2019-2020

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Dear international students,


If you will continue your study at CPU 2019-2020 and need immigration support, you must pay the fees in advance. For current students, the Online Payment system is open May 15-Sep.5.  



1. According to the Academic Calendar, the Summer Vacation 2019 will start July 6. 依据校历,2019年暑假76日开始。

2. Current Chinese prep. students: better pay before July 5 and must pay before July 15 to get immigration support. 所有目前汉语班建议75日前、最迟715日前必须付费延签证。

3. Presidential Scholarship students are supposed to pay their tuition and fees by Academic Year. 所有校长奖学金生必须按年交费。

4. If 2019-2020 is your final year of study, you can either A. Pay one year fees before Sep. 5 or B. Pay one semester fees before July 15 and then the second semester before Jan.5,2020. DO NOT pay one semester’s fees in Sep.5 otherwise you will not get a normal Residence Permit for the second semester. 毕业班学生要么95日前缴满一年费用,要么715日前缴满学期费用、202015日前缴满第二学期。切勿95日只交一学期,否则第二学期无法拿到正常居留许可。

5. Self-funded, Nanjing Gov. and Jasmine Partial scholarship students, and those who failed the Annual Review, may choose to pay by semester by clicking the THE AMOUNT OF PAYMENT on the right (background color is yellow), change it to half of the amount (but no less), and continue. 自费、南京市奖、茉莉花半奖、年审通不过的学生可选择按学期付(点击右边黄色区域修改,但不得少于一学期),并继续。

6. For study extension, immigration support is provided by semester. 延期学生签证按学期申请。

7. Only self-funded PhD candidates may apply for single occupancy.只有自费博士可申请单间(并补差价)。

8. Do not buy insurance products that do not meet the minimum requirements of MOE. 请勿购买不符合教育部最低要求的保险产品。

For directions and policies, please check the links below for details.


Tuition & fees standard 费用标准

Guidance for Online Payment 在线缴费指南

Regulations on Payment of International Students (2018) No.5 缴费规定

Regulations on Visa and Residence Permit (2018) No. 3 签证和居留许可规定

Update your insurance 续保


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