Moving from XWM to Jiangning June 2019

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Dear Class of 2018 Chinese prep. program,



As you might have noticed, three new Graduate Student dormitory buildings are under construction on Jiangning Campus, and will finish this year. The University is planning to revoke the current XWM, G11, A7A8 buildings step by step, and move all international students to the new building in 2019-2020.



The first step includes all Class of 2018 Chinese prep. stuydents and will be carried out from June 25th to 28th, when you just finish your final exam of Chinese language class. Do not buy air ticket earlier than June 28!!!


This notice doesn't apply to: Master's and Ph.D. candidates of Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and whose labs remain in XWM campus.



Checking out the old room:


All students who pass the final exams and meet the minimum HSK requirements for degree program study are supposed to check out from XWM and receive the key in Jiangning campus between June 25th to 28th , 2019 within 3 days.


Non-degree students and those who failed to pass the final exams/HSK and must continue one-year Chinese prep. Class on their own expense may check out before July 15, 2019.



Arrangement of the new room (will be notified in June):

只有CSC全奖博士生可安排G11单人间。Only CSC full-scholarship Ph.D. candidates will be moved to G11 single rooms by default.

本硕优先安排A7A8双人间。房间不够的情况下安排G11双人间。室友安排跟目前一样,落单的可在610日前结对到江宁校区G11-103登记,否则默认服从办公室安排。Bachelor’s and Master’s candidates will be moved to A7A8 double rooms by default, and to G11 double rooms if rooms are not enough. Current roommates will be arranged together in the new room. Single occupants will be arranged by the School unless they come in pairs to sign as roommates before June 10 at Jiangning G11-103.



Method of moving:

学生可自己租搬家卡车、货车搬个人物品。房间物资和公共物资(冰箱等)不得带走。Students may hire trucks or vans to move their personal belongings. Do not take any room utility or public facility (refrigerator, etc.) away.

因搬家为正常且频繁事务,所有学生搬家均不提供补助。No subsidy is provided because moving is quite often and common activity of the university.


阅读官网 àstudent lifeàon-campus housing了解更多房间、电的规定

You will need to find out more about the dormitories and electricity on àstudent lifeàon-campus housing


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