2019 Annual Review of Jasmine Full and CPU Presidential Scholarship

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Participants: Every student who is enrolled from Sep.2016 to Sep.2018 and enjoys Jasmine full scholarship or CPU presidential scholarship and remaining study period at CPU is more than one academic year should accept the 2019 annual review to continue the possession of 2019-2020 academic year's scholarship. If your academic program is scheduled to end in June 2019 (see Admission Notice), do not take the annual review. The scholarship period will not be extended if student cannot graduate on time and need to extend study at CPU. See the coverage and duration of scholarships here http://international.cpu.edu.cn/362/list.htm


According to the requirement of scholarship providers, the School of International Education will take charge of the Annual Review for all international students studying at CPU. The Annual Review is a comprehensive assessment of students’ accumulative performance, including academic performance, attitude, attendance as well as demerit record. Those who don’t submit complete annual review materials and those who fail to pass the Annual Review will not have tuition waiver since Sep.2019 and shall pay the full tuition, accommodation and insurance on their own expense (see standard of full tuition and fees here http://international.cpu.edu.cn/364/list.htm). Those who have no capacity to pay their fees may apply for suspension or dropout.


Please take the Annual Review seriously. First, download the Annual Review Form_Jasmine Full or Presidential Scholarship.pdf





Print, or fill in black pen. 

All students shall fill in all the blanks on Page One and sign their name underneath. 

Page Two: All Master’s and PhD candidates, Chinese-taught bachelor's candidates shall collect comments and signature from supervisor/Chinese Fudaoyuan of the department. 

Bachelor’s candidates taught in English and current Chinese language prep. students may leave the second page blank for School of International Education's review.




Supplement material: 

All bachelor’s candidates shall print out official transcript (Chinese version) on the self-help printer in Classroom Building C.  Submit transcripts together with the Annual Review Form. 

Master’s and PhD candidates and current Chinese language prep. students do not have to submit the transcripts.


Deadline of Submitting Annual Review Materials:

May 15, 2019


Those who don’t participate in the Annual Review or those who fail in the Annual Review will be notified before July 10.



Ms. Liu