Notice: 2019 CSC Full Scholarship Annual Review

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Who must go through the Annual Review: Every student who enjoys CSC full scholarship and remaining study period at CPU is more than one academic year, including PhD candidates who anticipate extending their study period, should accept the 2019 annual review to acquire the possession of next academic year's scholarship.


CSC参评清单Participants of 2019 Annual Review.xls


Who don’t need the Annual Review: Non-degree candidates, bachelors and masters candidates whose program will end at June 2018 as well as PhD candidates who meet the graduation requirement shall not take the annual review.


According to the CSC requirement, School of International Education will take charge of the Annual Review for all international students studying at CPU. The Annual Review is a comprehensive assessment of students performance, including academic performance, attitude, attendance as well as demerit record. Those who fail to pass the Annual Review will not receive monthly stipend from Sep.2019 to Aug.2020, and shall pay tuition, accommodation and insurance on their own expense. Students who fail to pass the Annual Review for consecutively two years will lose the opportunity to apply for CSC scholarship. Those who lose scholarship and have no capacity to pay their fees may apply for suspension or dropout.



Please take every years Annual Review seriously. Download the CSC Annual Review Form.doc, student complete page 1 and sign name and date. 

Student’s counselor (fudaoyuan) or supervisor fills all sections required on page 2 and sign their names. 

Submit the hard copy to G11-103 before Apr. 23, 2019.



Supporting Material (transcripts): 

Undergraduate students shall print out official transcripts (Chinese version) on the self-help printer on 2F Classroom Building C.  

English-taught Master’s candidates print out transcripts with Ms.Zhou at G11-107. 

Chinese-taught Master's and all PhD candidates shall print official transcripts with Graduate School (Room 703 Admin Building, Ms.Sun). 

Submit transcripts together with the Annual Review Form. 

Class of 2018 Master's and Ph.D. candidates and current Chinese prep.students don't need to print out transcripts. 






CSC Extension is only available to PhD candidates. Procedure: apply for study extension with Graduate School first, and send the approvement letter to G11-107 to put on record. When the above is done, send scholarship application materials to G11-103 Ms.Liu, include the completed CSC application form, the Scholarship Extension Form.doc, and the No Objection Letter from your embassy or consulate (which also need to identify "this student is not enlisted among the 2019-2020 CSC Scholarship Students of (student country name)"). Deadline is  Apr. 23, 2019.



The Scholarship Extension Form shall be downloaded, filled, signed by supervisor, and stamped by School Office (Click to find out where your school office is). Leave the last section blank for the School of International Education.



Those who dont participate in the Annual Review in time or those who fail in the Annual Review will be notified in person before Sep.2019, and complete the payment/withdrawal formalities.



Contact: Ms. Liu