Moving from Jiangning to Off-campus

Publisher:刘琪Published:2019-02-26Times :10

Dear international students living on Jiangning Campus:



If you are moving from Jiangning Campus to off-campus apartments, here are some key-points:



1.If your accumulative attendance throughout the last semester is below 80%, please do not consider moving off-campus.



2.Download the application form for Checking Out



3.Complete the form, with all sections that apply to you, including roommate (if you have), guidance counselor (class mentor or supervisor), and doorkeeper (return the room key and move out all personal belongings). Incomplete application will not be considered.



4.Any refund, if applicable, will be calculated since the next month of successful checking-out.



5.Provide original contract with: Chinese citizen as Party A (attach a photocopy of his/her citizen ID as well), student’s passport name and number as Party B, and real estate agency as Party C. If there are more than one tenants, all the students’ names and numbers shall be listed as Party B.



6.Submit the above documents to Ms.Liu at Jiangning G11-103 before Feb.28, 2019.



7.If free electricity is applicable, it will be provided around March 15, according to the room residents at that time. For details, please see  



8.For this time, we do not consider room change applications for other reasons. Please apply in September according to our current regulations.


School of International Education