Updates: Dingtalk Attendance Check

Publisher:刘琪Published:2019-01-15Times :98

For all Chinese-taught bachelor’s, 

Master’s and Doctoral candidates second-year and above:

Since October 2018, the Dingtalk facial recognition system has achieved good results in improving attendance of English-taught programs and has won favorable support from faculties. Now the School of International Education decides to strengthen the attendance check of Chinese-taught bachelor’s, as well as Master’s and Doctoral candidates second-year and above (the current GPS attendance), by raising your minimum requirement of attendance, from two to three times per week, starting from Feb. 25, 2019. Moreover, for your convenience, the School will install another Facial Recognition Device in lab building(s) that most of you work at. Then, you can either swipe face or use mobile phone for the attendance.

If you have questions regarding facial recognition, sign-in, or modification of personal info, please read this detailed guidance.


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