“My Chinese Story” Essay Competition

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A. Organizing Entities:

1. Supervising Organization: Information Research Center of International Talent, SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Expert.

2. Host Organization: International Talent magazine, Apocalypse Academic assessment Research Institute.


B. Scope of Participants:

All Foreigners in China.



1. Essays shall be original English works and shall not violate relevant Chinese laws and regulations.

2. Theme “Intercultural Communication” or “My Chinese story”.

3. Recommended length:1500-3000 words. Welcome submission of 1-3 pictures and a brief description of each.

4. All entries must include the author’s name(full name), gender, age, nationality, current company, detailed address, zip code and the contact number (cell phone) of the author or a Chinese colleague of the author. Otherwise, the entry is deemed invalid

5. Welcome to submit a Chinese translation of English works.

  6. Publication plan: Excellent works will be given an opportunity to be published in International Talent, China Daily. People's Daily Overseas Edition, etc., and also potentially be published as a collection.

7. International Talent reserves the right to edit and publish the entries in related newspapers, magazines, books and on the websites.


D. Entry Form:

1. Submission: Please email entries to “zqy@cpu.edu.cn” before March 1, 2019.

  2. Result notification: The list of award winners will be published at the end of April 2019.


E. Awards:

The award ceremony is scheduled for May 2019

1. First-prize winners (top 3) each awarded a certificate of honor and RMB1,000 (or equivalent);

  2. Second-prize winners (10), each awarded a certificate of honor and RMB500 (or equivalent);

3. third-prize winners (20), each awarded a certificate of honor and RMB200 (or equivalent);

4. Excellent-prize winners (30), each awarded a certificate of honor.


F. Contact:

  Ms. Zhang(office 103, Jiangning Campus)

1. Telephone: 026-86185426(available from 9am lo I7pm)

2. E-mail: zqy@cpu.edu.cn

3. Website: www. Icctest.net

Original Notice: “我的中国故事”征文活动通知.pdf