Notice on 2019 Winter Vacation

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To all international students:



According to the University Calendar, the 2019 winter vacation will begin on Jan. 21 and end on Feb. 24. Spring Semester will begin on Feb.25. Those who want to leave before Jan. 21 or return after Feb.25 must hand in the Application for Long Leave to Ms. Zhang at G11-103 in advance (with your supervisor or class mentor’s signature). All returning students shall stamp on paper student card in Office 107 on Feb. 25-26.



All International students shall fill in the Winter Plan Form (Stay or Leave) with specific date of leaving and returning, in their respective dorm doorkeepers before Dec.31.



The office staffs will start the break on January 23 and come back to work on February 20. During the vacation, office staff will be on duty for certain days. Please pay attention to our official website for the duty schedule and contact. In case of unexpected circumstances, please keep in touch with the dorm administrators, your class mentor, guidance counselor or supervisor. Please keep your mobile phone and email available.



For returning CSC and Jasmine full scholarship students, to receive the stipend of March, please take fingerprints between Feb.20 and 26.



Friendly Reminder:

1. If you haven't completed the next semester's payments, prepare the money in advance and conduct the Online Payment because it is now the only acceptable payment method. The complete payment includes tuition, accommodation (if living on-campus) and insurance ( 300 for 6 months if failed to pay in September). Final-year and one-year Chinese language students who only paid for one semester are expected to pay for next semester before January 5 to get the 180-day visa extension. Other students who paid for one semester shall clear the payment and get the visa extension before March 5. According to the latest visa policy of the Nanjing Police, all foreigners are required to apply for visa one month in advance, instead of the last day of visa expiration so DO NOT expect the last-minute deal!



2. During the vacation, the service of visa extension, certification and transcripts, and review for payments of insurance will be suspended. Please arrange your schedule properly. In addition, university's other human services will also be closed, including certifications, recharge of electricity and canteen cards, but self-service machines are still on-the-run. For students who will stay during the winter vacation, please recharge in advance and purchase enough electricity. 



3. Fire prevention is of great importance especially in winter. Before vacations or if need to leave the room for a long time, student shall shut down the room electricity, water supply, doors and windows before leaving. Using any kind of fire (including but not limited to: smoking, candles, burning incense) or illegal electrical appliance in the dorm is totally forbidden. There will still be room checks during the vacation, please comply with our residential regulations.



Wish you all a delighted winter vacation



School of International Education

December 7, 2018