Public Announcement about Reimbursement

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  1. For clinical internship arranged by the School, please exchange the formal invoice (only 50 and 100 are accepted) at the human services window of metro station, with the printed receipt from self-service machine. Standard: within the city of Nanjing, no more than 10 Yuan per day. 由学院安排的留学生临床药学实习,请用自动充值机小票在地铁人工服务窗口兑换¥50或¥100的定额发票。标准:南京市内不超过每天¥10元。

  1. For cultural activities arranged by the School, student must confirm with the merchant if they can provide formal VAT invoice. The amount and category of commodities are decided by the School’s budget and may vary from year to year. 由学院安排的文化活动,留学生购买材料,请务必确认商家可以提供增值税发票后方可购买。上限根据国际教育学院每年预算决定。

  2. For a VAT invoice, the taxpayer’s name shall be exactly 中国药科大学 and the tax number is 12100000466006834N. VAT invoices with wrong taxpayer's name and number are not accepted. 增值税发票请注明纳税人名称:中国药科大学。统一社会信用代码:12100000466006834N

  1. If you need the reimbursement to be put in your bank account, you must provide the exact account name (might be different from your passport name) and number. 报销费用如需转到银行卡,务必提供准确户名(可能不同于护照名)和账号。

If student cannot provide formal invoice(s) on time or the invoice(s) do not meet the above requirements, student shall be responsible for all the expenses. 如不能及时提供发票,或发票不符合规定,则花销由留学生自行承担。

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