Results: Application for the remaining 7 single rooms in G11

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Up to 5PM, Oct.8: there are 6 applicants and all are qualified for single room and no need for lucky draw. Please come to G11-103 to select the room on a first-come, first-serve basis.

G11-215 丽娜

G11-209 池奥玛

A7-603 优麦

A7-203 玛内尔

A8-403 古姆哈

A8-602 阿里卢兰

Below is the announcement made Sep.25, 2018:

Dear international students,

Up to now, there are only seven G11 single rooms unoccupied, not reserved for CSC Ph.D. candidates, and don’t have unfixable AC/leakage problems.

314 315 401 431 503 514 602

Who can apply?

  • Students currently living in Jiangning Campus double rooms.

  • With no demerit record or unpaid fees.

  • 2018 new students must clear their online payment for one year first.

  • Currently have no roommate or roommate accepts re-placement.

  • With no plan to bring dependents.

Who shall not apply?

  • Students in Xuanwumen Campus.

  • Students already in G11 single rooms.

  • Students living off-campus or plan to live off-campus shortly.

  • Students who want to bring dependents or cater guests.

  • Students with medical conditions that may cause sudden death such as epilepsy, asthma, food allergies, cardiovascular diseases, obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome, and mental disorder, etc.

  • Students who haven’t finished the payment for Academic Year 2018-19, or holding Stay Visa.

  • Either you or your roommate has non-compliance record in previous roommate re-placement.

  • Students with demerit records including but not limited to: making noises, very low room check score, smoking/cooking in the bedroom, using forbidden utilities indoors, hosting visitor/unauthorized family member overnight, and damaging university property.


  1. Applicant shall download, print and fill the application form for Room Change at

  • Old/adapted versions of the application form are not accepted.

  • Please notify that applicant must get roommate’s signed agreement for re-placement on the Form.

  • Do not return the key until Step 5 (see below).

2. Before Oct.8: Submit hard copies of application form to G11-103 Ms.Liu.

3. Oct.9-12: School reviews qualification and organizes the Lucky Draw if the number of applicants > 7.

  • If applicant do not participate the lucky draw before the 7 winners are decided, it is deemed as giving up application. Keep your mobile phone and admission email available.

4. Oct. 15-19 Financial Office updates online payment account to collect the difference fees.

  • All fees must be paid online at

  • Use your 10-digit student ID number as user name and password.

  • Standard of Difference Fees: From November 2018 to August 2019, collected for 10 months, unit: RMB Yuan.

  • Since September 2019, if the room is still available, and if applicant still needs that room, he/she shall pay for 12 months before Sep.1.

CSC Full-scholarship Master’s and Bachelor’s   enrolled Sep.2017 or before

Self-funded or other scholarships enrolled Sep.2017   or before



CSC Full-scholarship Master’s and Bachelor’s   enrolled Sep.2018

Self-funded or partial scholarships enrolled   Sep.2018



5. Oct. 22-26 Signing single room contract, checking out from double rooms, receive the room offer letter, exchange of keys and vacating personal belongings.

6. Oct. 29-31 Re-placement of the only occupants and adjustment of electricity in the old/new rooms.

  • The seven single rooms now only have 60 kwh electricity each.