Sign up for Doctoral Forum and Chinese Speech Contest in Chengdu

Publisher:刘琪Published:2018-08-27Times :70

China Higher Education Association will hold Doctoral Forum and Chinese Speech Contest in the City of Chengdu on Oct.19-21 as a part of China's Higher Education Exhibition. 

Detailed Requirements:

1、Doctoral Academic Forum

Participant shall prepare a 10-minute presentation with corresponding academic article (3000-5000 Chinese characters or equivalent English words) and PPT slides are required. There will also be a 5-minute question and answer section for each participant. 

The requirement for the article and PPT are basically the same with SCI articles and CPU Academic Forum slides. 

Doctoral Forum Contact: Ms.Zhang (86185426

2、Chinese Speech Contest

Participants shall prepare for a two-minute self-introduction video clip and a five-minute speech about their study and life in China. Being innovative and insightful. 

Speech Contest Contact: Ms.Yu (83271407

Deadline for sign-up:

Sep.1 to sign up your name first. One participant for each university.

Sep.5 academic articles, slides, video clips and draft of speech.