Notice: Material Collection for the Outstanding CSC International Students

Publisher:刘琪Published:2018-07-04Times :436

Dear CSC students,

In order to actively promote the outstanding CSC international students, China Scholarship Council together with the Editorial Department of the China Scholars Broad will publicize a series report on International students. The requirements for the material collection are as follows.

1. Students qualified for the material collection

Outstanding CSC international students (current students and graduates)

2. Form and content of the materials

 Exemplary deeds of the outstanding CSC international students. The material shall be representative and typical, for instance, the students have great performances and positive influences in professional learning, scientific research, recreational and sports activities, Social Welfare, etc. As for the CSC graduates, prominent achievements shall be achieved at work and great contribution shall be made for the exchange between China and abroad. Speech draft of the international students at the opening ceremony and commencement ceremony can also be attached.

‚ Articles, photos and videos can be provided.videos and news articles that were adopted in media reports can also be attached.

ƒ Requirements for the materials: articles (no more than 3000 characters), videos (no more than 10 minutes), photos (over 1M each)


For students who are qualified, if you are interested please prepare the required documents mentioned above and send to

Deadline: 5pm, July 15, 2018.