Newsletter to self-supported students, Class of 2015 English-taught Bachelor’s

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Dear Students,


Our current regulation about visa and payment has it that student may pay by semester or by year and these terms were stipulated in a time when Residence Permit did not have to be more than 180 days, and attendance rate was not legally bind with visa. Before the new regulation comes out, here are our suggestions:


1.If you can’t pay until the next semester starts, then you must pay by year, and the latest acceptable date of payment to the University is Sep.1, 2018. Because A. from September 2018 to July 2019 is less than 12 months, and cannot be split into two 180 days. B. the Nanjing Public Security Bureau requires all foreigners to make application one month in advance. If you apply in the last few days it might lead to police penalty and you will be fully responsible.

2.If you can only pay by semester, you must contact Ms.Liu at G11-103 to change your online payment items before July 6, 2018 and complete online payments for the Fall Semester before July 13, 2018 when the Financial Office can still check the payment and deal with any possible problem. Then take your passport to Ms.Zhang for immigration paper that leads to Residence Permit till Jan.15, 2018.

3.Finally, any non-emergency issue, avoid September 4 and 5, when we’ll be preoccupied with new students registration.


School of International Education

China Pharmaceutical University