Exam Rules and Regulations

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Exam Rules and Regulations



Students shall arrive at the exam room ten minutes before the start of each exam. Make sure you sit at the correct desk by following the instructions given by the invigilator. Changing seat is prohibited.


Students are not permitted to enter the exam room more than 20 minutes after the commencement of the exam. You are not permitted to hand in the exam paper until 30 minutes after the start of the exam.

4、 考生进入考场,只能携带必需的文具,不准携带书籍、笔记本、草稿纸等,严禁携带手机进入考场。已经带入的,必须放在监考人员指定的地方。监考人员有权对考生带入的计算工具进行检查。

Students are not allowed to bring books, notebooks, or draft paper except the essential stationary. All cell phones are forbidden and must be stowed away in the place pointed by the invigilator during the exam. The invigilator has the right to check the calculation tools brought into the room.


Students must carry Student ID or passport and write your name correctly on the answer sheet. Wrong or unrecognized name might cause invalid exam paper.


All electronic devices, including calculator, electronic dictionary, laptop(except with the special permission of the invigilator) are prohibited. All mobile phones must be turned off and stowed away in the place pointed by the invigilator during the exam. In the event that a mobile phone is not turned off during an exam, it will be deemed as cheating. 


Students are not allowed to ask the invigilator about any questions in the examination paper. But students are allowed to ask the invigilator for help about any problems unrelated with exam questions such as receiving wrong paper, misprint and illegible print.


Students must not communicate in any way with any person other than an invigilator during an examination. Any other communication will be deemed as a breach of exam rules. Copying from another student’s paper, enabling another student to copy from one’s paper and swapping paper are prohibited.


At the end of the exam, students must stop writing as soon as the bell rings and hand in the exam paper to the invigilator. You must remain seated and refrain from communicating with each other until all papers are collected then the invigilator will give you permission to leave.


Smoking, spitting and eating are prohibited in the exam room.


Any cheating, any attempt to cheat, assisting others to cheat, or participating therein, or engaging in such improper conduct as listed above is a serious violation of the exam rules and will result in zero point for the exam. Students who cheat in the exam cannot take the make-up exam and must retake the course. Students who violate the exam rules will be given disciplinary punishment including serious warning by Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and their scholarship might be terminated.

12、 考试结束后,学生不得直接找教师查卷、查分,不得要求教师提高分数。如成绩确实存在疑问,学生可通过辅导员向相关教研室提出质疑,并按照学生查询试卷流程办理。

After the exam, students are not allowed to check the examination paper or results from the teacher without permission. Requirements about asking teacher to raise grades after the exam are not allowed. Students can apply to the teaching and research section by counselor for paper checking if there are indeed some problems with the exam results. Paper checking must be implemented according to regulated process. 

The above rules and regulations are implemented under: 

1、Article 26 of the “Administrative Regulations on the Studentship of China Pharmaceutical University” ([2017] No. 134)

2、“Administrative Regulations for General Higher Education and Specialized Examinations of China Pharmaceutical University” ([2014] No. 167) 

3、“I. Examination Discipline and Rules” and “Administrative Regulations on Disciplinary Punishments for Students of China Pharmaceutical University (Trial)” [2017] No. 143) 

4、Notice on Strengthening Final Exam Work for the Second Semester 2017-2018 http://jwc.cpu.edu.cn/76/bb/c887a95931/page.htm

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