Final Exam Arrangements of English-taught Programs

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2015级全英文授课本科班考试安排.xlsx  Class of 2015, English-taught Bachelors, Pharmacy

2016级全英文授课本科班考试安排.xlsx Class of 2016, English-taught Bachelors, Pharmacy

2017级全英文授课国际贸易本科班考试安排.xlsx Class of 2017, English-taught Bachelors, International Trade

2017级全英文授课临床药学本科班考试安排.xlsx Class of 2017, English-taught Bachelors, Clinical Pharmacy

2017级全英文授课药学本科班考试安排.xlsxClass of 2017, English-taught Bachelors, Pharmacy

2017级全英文授课硕士班考试安排.xlsx Class of 2017, English-taught Master's, Pharmacy

International Students,

1. The exam week for Second Semester, Academic Year 2017-18 will be July 2 to July 13. Make-up exams for those who failed in the exam(s) will be arranged Aug.31 to Sep.2.

2. Who are not eligible for the exam:

According to Article 26 of the “Administrative Regulations on the Studentship of China Pharmaceutical University” ([2017] No. 134), if a student appears 

(a) within one semester, accumulatively missed the class for no reason exceeds one-third of the course hours; 

(b) Within one semester, missed more than one-third of the experiments or after-class assignments for no reason; 

(c) During random check-up for attendance, being absent for three times. 

Any of the above circumstances, the student's score will be recorded as zero (0) points, and the exam status will be "ABS" (absence) and they may not participate in the final exam of the course. Student will have to re-take the course in the same semester of next Academic Year.

Special Notice to International Students: The above notices apply to Chinese and International Students alike. No exceptions. You may not require the teacher to give the exam earlier or later because of your air ticket or foreign festival. If you missed the exam, you will have to retake the course instead of make-up exam.  

See also: Exam Rules and Regulations