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The “Belt and Road, Mutual Benefit and Win-win” International Academic Forum supported by Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd will be held at China Pharmaceutical University on June 18th.


The forum will focus on the key issues such as China’s Supply-Side Structural Reform in Pharmaceutical Industry, the reform of the drug regulatory system, the review and approval system for drug registration review, and other issues related to higher pharmaceutical education. There will be in-depth discussion of opportunities and cooperation in the development of pharmaceutical companies; the effective solution of the problem of people’s drug safety and accessibility in all countries; and realization of win-win cooperation under the Belt and Road strategy.


Those who are interested please fill in the following Application Form below, write your Chinese name, country, gender, program type and your telephone number and send it to Ms. Li:


The forum has two sessions: session one is for academic reports and session two is for academic workshops.


Date: June 18th

Time: 9:00 -12:20

Place: Economics&Arts Building 111

Time of the workshop: 14:00-15:30


Those who participate in the forum should arrive on time and cannot leave midway.


Master and PhD students sign up first.

Application Form.xlsx


Deadline for Application: June 8

Agenda of the forum

 Belt and Road, Mutual Benefit and Win-win

International Academic Forum on Pharmaceutical Policy

June 18th, 2018


The   Address of Leaders


The address of president

Prof. Kong Lingyi

The vice president of China   Pharmaceutical University


The address of enterprise delegate

Mr. Qiu Jiajun

The chairman of Zhejiang Guobang   Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd


Expert   Report

Bilingual , With simultaneous   interpretation , Full video


Expert report 1

ThemeNew   Progress in China's Drug Import Registration Reform

SpeakerProf. Ding   Jinxi

Deputy Dean of School of International   Pharmaceutical Business


Expert report 2

ThemePakistan   pharma industry challenges and opportunities

SpeakerMr. Asad   Nizamani

MBA, Abbott Pharma, Certified Supply   Chain Manager of Pakistan


Expert report 3

ThemeHigher   Pharmaceutical Education in China: evolution, current status and Prospects

SpeakerProf. Xu   Xiaoyuan

Executive of Office of International   Exchange and Cooperation


Expert report 4

ThemeThe   Impact of The Cancellation of

China's GMP   Certification on Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies in International   Competition

SpeakerProf.   Liang Yi

Director of   pharmaceutical administration department of School of International   Pharmaceutical Business


Tea   Break


Expert report 5

ThemeThe Influence   of Supply-side Reform on China's API Industry and Its Prospects

SpeakerProf. Chu   Shuzhen

Director of business administration of   School of International Pharmaceutical Business


Expert report 6

Theme   Policy from Mexico Authority for the

 sanitary registration of the dossiers

SpeakerLuis Alberto   Guerrero Garcia

Productos   Maver, S.A. De C.V., Direct de Logistic


Expert report 7

ThemeThe   reform of Chinese drug policy: Challenge and opportunity of enterprises

SpeakerProf. Xu Wei

PhD supervisor of School of   International Pharmaceutical Business


Closing speech

Prof. Ma Aixia

Dean of School of International   Pharmaceutical Business




Communicating   and Sightseeing Activities

Organized by Office of International   Exchange and Cooperation, Assisted by SIPB


Discussion with international students5   groups


Visit to Pharmaceutical Arboretum and   Pharmaceutical Museum2 teams




Section of International Students

June 5, 2018