Notice: Apply for 2018/19 “CSC Outstanding International Student Scholarship”

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International Students,

    As required by the 18th National Congress, Chinese Ministry of Education provides the “Outstanding International Student Scholarship”to its affiliated universities. CPU’s procedure and requirements for this scholarship application are as follows:

一、奖励对象 Who can apply?


Students currently enrolled at CPU, full-time undergraduate or postgraduate, degree-oriented, second year or up.


Not for: students graduating in 2018, students who applied for study extension for Sep.2018-Aug.2019, and students whose current academic status is “suspension”or “extension.”


(一)此项目设有开放名额,每校最多可推荐3人参加全国评审。CPU is eligible for the “Open Quota”and can recommend at most 3 students for the CSC review.

(二)以上最终获奖名单以教育部公布为准。The final winners are decided by Ministry of Education.


本科生提供一次性奖励人民币18000/人;研究生提供一次性奖励人民币30000/人。One-time 18,000 for each undergraduate student and 30,000 for each postgraduate.


(一)对华态度友好,在华表现优秀,促进中华文化传播或促进中外人文交流者优先。Be friendly to China. Excellent performance in broadcasting Chinese culture or facilitating cultural exchange highly preferred.

(二)遵纪守法,身心健康,全面发展。在校期间未受过任何处分。Conformity to laws and regulations. Healthy. Comprehensive development. No demerit record.

(三)学习成绩优异,具备较强的学习和研究能力。在学期间各科考试或考查科目无不合格。Excellent academic record. Strong research capacity preferred. No failed course or absent exam.

(四)积极参加各项文体活动或社会实践活动;有突出事迹者优先。Being active in all Chinese cultural activities or social services. Leadership and organizer roles preferred.

(五)同等条件下,家庭经济条件困难者优先。This scholarship is both merit-based and need-based.

五、申请材料Application Materials

(一)《中国政府奖学金申请表》Application Form

网上申请:学生须登陆国家留学基金管理委员会来华留学网上报名信息平台 提交电子申请信息。

Student must login to complete the online application form.


(1)中国药科大学受理机构编号为Institution Code of CPU is 10316

(2)留学项目种类:请选择C Program Category choose Type C

(3)填写学习期限统一为2018.9.1-2019.7.15 Fill “2018.9.1-2019.7.15” for study period.

(4)网上申请成功后,请将《中国政府奖学金申请表》打印后与以下材料一并提交至留学生办公室G11-103. Print the hard copy of application form after successful submission, and bring the form with the following materials to G11-103 Ms.Liu.

(二)2017-18学年的成绩单(本科生在教学楼C自助打印或研究生院打印加盖公章)Transcripts that shows grades of academic year 2017-18. Undergraduates shall print the form from the self-service machine in Classroom Building C. Postgraduates shall print the form from Graduate School, Admin Building 701 or 703 and take Graduate School official stamp.

(三) “我的留华故事”作文,中文800字或英文1200单词。”My Story in China” essay, around 800 Chinese characters or 1,200 English words.

(四)自己为第一作者、中国药科大学导师作为通讯作者、中国药科大学为第一作者单位的文章的检索证明(可从图书馆E-journalSCI杂志网站打印)、录用通知,由导师签名For published articles: Retrieval Certificate including title, journal name, period and page. May print from library E-journal page or SCI-indexed journal websites. For in-press articles: letter of acceptance from editorial board. Either way, the applicant shall be the first author, CPU supervisor as the corresponding author, and CPU as the first author institution. Supervisor’s signature is required.

(五)省级、国家级比赛获奖证明或专利证明。Prize certificate or patent certificate of national or provincial level.

(六)担任学生干部或合法学生社团领导职务的证明。Certificates of class monitor or leadership at legitimate student unions.



4PM May 30, 2018 for successful submission or Online Application and all hardcopies to Ms.Liu at G11-103.


(一)国际交流合作处负责奖学金申请材料的初审工作,在规定时间内将符合条件的申请者材料报学校外国留学生奖学金评审委员会,必要时组织评审答辩。CPU International Office is in charge of organizing the review committee and the initial review of application materials and will call for defense when necessary.

(二)外国留学生奖学金评审委员会审议申请者材料,确定推荐获奖学生名单。The review committee reviews all the materials and decides whom to recommend.

(三)国际交流合作处将奖学金获奖名单在国际交流合作处网站进行公示。公示结束后留学基金委上报推荐名单。CPU International Office will publish the winner’s list on its official website and when the publicity period is over, the list as well as materials will be sent to CSC.










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