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The CPU “Internet Plus Health” Venture Project is an ideal opportunity for faculty and students to benefit from innovative ideas, to apply their technical, marketing and service skills to a real life situation, and to get an insight into the real challenges faced by innovators working in high-risk, full-of-opportunity Chinese market. CPU will provide funding to each approved project RMB 2000 Yuan.


What Types of Project Are Possible?

A.Faculty-and-students project. The faculty member selects the topic based on his/her own patented inventions and students work as a group to commercialize the product.

B.Students-only project. Students work on a patented product (must be authorized by the owner of such intellectual property).


Each group shall consist of 3 or more student members (including Chinese and International Students) and less than 3 faculty members.


What Topics Are Possible?

“Internet Plus Health” is to apply the latest ideas and technology to innovate new products, services, industrial modes, etc. The topics vary:

“Internet Plus Modern Agriculture” including natural medicine resources.

“Internet Plus Manufacture” including biomedicine and eco-friendly solutions.

“Internet Plus Information Technology” including mobile APP, Artificial Intelligence, Express, Security, Big Data, Cloud, Software, Social Network, Media and Industry Services.

“Internet Plus Social Services” including non-profit public health, e-commerce, consumer experience, education & training projects for the benefit of society.

“Internet Against Poverty” including projects that helps the economy of rural areas in China.


How to Apply?

One of the team members must be able to communicate in Chinese and join QQ Group: 587881757 to report their progress from time to time.

General Coordinator: Ms.Kou. Tel: 025-86185205 Email: Address: CPU Admin Building 202

All International Students Must Apply via International Office:

Ms. Liu. Tel: 86185426 Email 

Jiangning G11-103

Application Forms and Instructions (must be filled and submitted in Chinese)

附件1 中国药科大学2018年“互联网+”大学生创新创业项目培育计划项目申报表.doc Application Form

附件2 商业或项目计划书提纲.doc  Proposal

附件3 各类商业(项目)计划书撰写注意事项.doc Instructions

If the project involves the intellectual property rights of the third party, a full legally authorized owner's written authorization certificate, patent certificate, etc. must be submitted when filing the application; for the entrepreneurial project that has completed industrial and commercial registration, it is required to submit the profile of the unit and the legal representative when filing the application. Ownership structure, copy of organization code, etc. The application items can provide relevant financial evidence, current investment statistics, employment promotion, etc.

Deadline for Application (the time of submission of completed forms to

May 6, 2018