Academic Integrity Detection for Graduating Master's and Ph.D Candidates

Publisher:刘琪Published:2018-04-26Times :150


In order to prevent the occurrence of academic misconduct, Master's and Ph.D. candidates must conduct academic integrity detection for academic dissertation before applying for thesis defense. According to the“Measures for the Use of Academic Integrity Detection System for Postgraduate Dissertations of China Pharmaceutical University” (Graduate School, July, 2013). The dissertation whose text plagarism ratio is higher than 30% must postpone the thesis defense and modify the dissertation for not less than 3 months.  


The supervisor may apply for exemption for reasons such as confidentiality, and the supervisor is required to fill in the “Application Form for Not Using Academic Integrity Detection System” and sign it for confirmation. If there is academic misconduct detected in the exempted paper any time in the future, the supervisor will bear the main responsibility.  


Either the paper passes academic integrity detection or is exempted from the detection, the school and department shall stamp on the tenth page of the“Degree Application Form”.


The E-version of the thesis used for testing shall be named as“Student ID number_Author name_Thesis title_Major_Supervisor”. The size of Master's thesis must be within 2M, while the size of Ph.D. thesis shall be within 4M, and the WORD format shall be used (if the size is too large, all photos and drawings in the thesis and the color covers can be deleted).

Deadline: before the thesis defense application of Graduate School

Submit the E-version of your thesis together with other Chinese students. You may ask your Chinese labmates for help.