Sign up for the Annual Graduation Gala

Publisher:刘琪Published:2018-04-19Times :244

Dear International Students:

    The Annual Graduation Gala is coming soon. It is CPU's tradition that each year in early June international students prepare a stage performance at the Gala. It is a significant event for all students who are going to leave CPU. University authorities and faculty members will be present. Not only will the performance provide you with a platform for self-demonstration, but also beautiful memories and offers a good opportunity to build and deepen friendship with faculty and students. We welcome your active participation into the show! 


This year, our office wants to invite some international students to do Tai Chi, preferably boys, and some others to do the dancing, preferably girls, constituting a performance of about 5 minutes. The costumes will be provided by the office. 


Students who sign up for the performance shall maintain a high sense of responsibility and shall not quit halfway since weekly rehearsals are required to guarantee the quality of the show.



Students who perform at the Graduation Gala will be given presents, certificates and additional marks in appraisals of merit-based scholarships and other fields. Interested students please download the attached file, fill out and send it to by 17:00, April 23rd.

international student sign-up form.xlsx