Competition for Best International Student Dormitory

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CPU 2018 Competition for 

Best International Student Dormitory 

A 4-person bedroom like this is considered to be affordable and normal setting in a Chinese university.                

But four talented girls in Chengdu changed their 4-person bedroom into a designer's home:

Before adaptation, a twin-room, ¥2000/month urban rental apartment is like:

But using light-colored stickers and fabrics, a twin-room can be like: 

So dear international students at CPU, what is your bedroom like?

Small but clean?

full-packed but creative?

or just messy?

Participants: ALL CPU international students' on-campus dormitories (including G11, A7, A8, and International Student dormitory in Xuanwumen campus)



Grading Criteria: cleanness, neatness, safety, aesthetic feeling, etc.

Bonus points for showing your national culture.


JudgesInternational Office staff,representatives of international students,property management


TimeApril 8th-April 20th, 2018


and settings

1 the most popular dormitory,

3 first prizes,

6 second prizes,

10 third prizes.

奖品:最受欢迎奖1名(奖品预计200元) 一等奖3名(预计每宿舍120元) 二等奖6名(预计每宿舍80元) 三等奖10名

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