Highlights of Advance Payment for Hospitalization

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If you need to use the advance payment service, you must report 4008105119-1 before going through the hospital procedures or within 24 hours after admitted to the hospital, (always ensure the report within 24 hours even at emergency) and made a clear application for advance payment, if not, you will not be able to enjoy the advance payment services;


At the same time,the hospital which you are hospitalized must be the network hospital that the insurance can provide advance payment (Please find the list of network hospitals on www.lxbx.net )


If you need to use the advance payment service, you must call the advance payment company (4008105119-1) to file an application before the hospitalization.


Requirements for self-payment and self-payment expenses:


Must be in accordance with the advance payment company's process:


When you have a large amount of self-payment expenses through consultation with the doctor, the advance payment company will inform that you will pay the deposit of part of your self-payment. Please prepare this fee and submit it to the hospital.


Three Questions Highlighted on the Application for Hospitalization for Overseas Students

➢ 电话申请后,如果你的情况不构成保险责任也将无法获得垫付。(具体保险责任请登录www.lxbx.net查询)

➢ Although you applied through the phone, if your situation belongs to exclusion still couldn't get paid. (Please check the details about insurance policy on www.lxbx.net)


Please remember the advance payment phone: 4008105119-1



Study Abroad Insurance Program Group

Sept. 29. 2017

如果垫付公司在你入住医院前,曾经明确交代:“等你住进医院后,请要主动告诉我们”等类似嘱托。一旦你住进医院后,一定要主动再次联系垫付公司(电话4008105119 转1),以便垫付公司为你提供垫付等后续服务。

For example, before you stay in the hospital, the advance payment company once clearly states: After you live in the hospital, please take the initiative to tell us and similar exhortations. Once you live in the hospital, be sure to take the initiative to contact the advance payment company (Tel:4008105119-1) so that the advance payment company provide you with advances and other follow-up services.