The 5th China Pharmaceutical University International Students Academic Innovation Forum Calling for Papers

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The 5th China Pharmaceutical University International Students Academic Innovation Forum is to be hosted by the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and the Graduate School, China Pharmaceutical University, on May 5th 2018, with the assistance of the International Students’ Union of China Pharmaceutical University (CPUISU). It will provide a unique opportunity for the Chinese and international students from both CPU and other universities to share their pharmaceutical innovation practices and discuss the latest scientific innovations concerning pharmaceutical research. Academic presentations are expected and scientific discussions are encouraged. This exciting event will feature keynote speeches by both international students from CPU and those from other universities. You are all warmly invited to submit to us your original papers or review articles that may be presented at the Forum with the permission from your faculty advisors. Those who want to give presentations at the forum are expected to submit their abstracts and posters to us by email.

I. Participants

All Chinese and international students studying at CPU and international students from other universities with pharmaceutical programs.

II. Topics

The topics of the forum include but are not limited to:




Pharmaceutical Analysis




Pharmaceutical   Biotechnology


Clinical Pharmacy


Pharmaceutical   Microbiology


Medicinal Chemistry




Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical   Sciences


Drug Regulation

III. Deadline for submission: 

April 8th, 2018.

IV. Awards

Certificates will be awarded to all the participants. The specially appointed board of reviewers will review all the submitted papers and posters. All selected abstracts and posters will be presented in the forum and published in the conference booklet. Excellent abstracts will be published on the official website of CPU International Office.

Prizes at three levels are set for the excellent papers. 
 One first prize: 2000 RMB
 Two second prizes: 800 RMB
 Three third prizes: 300 RMB

Prizes at three levels are set for the excellent posters. 
 One first prize: 800 RMB
 Two second prizes: 400 RMB
 Three third prizes: 200 RMB

V. Presentation of the papers

The selected students will be given the opportunity to speak at the forum to present their papers. Selected speakers will give a preview of their presentations to the organizers beforehand. Please note that presentations during the actual forum will be limited to 10 minutes each, followed by a 3-minute Q&A session.

VI. Submission Procedure

Those who are interested can submit the abstract (MS Word) and poster (MS PowerPoint) to before the deadline. Selected abstracts and posters will be notified on April 15th and the remaining procedures will be informed by email.

VII. Contact Information

Contact: Ms. Zhang


Tel: 025-86185426



 Office of International Exchange and Cooperation

  Graduate School

China Pharmaceutical University